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Swabhimaan 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina and meghna making cake in the kitchen. Naina hurts her finger while looking at Meghna. Meghna gets concerned and applies turmeric on her hand. She says now infection will not spread. Naina says still she can get infection as her other finger is cut. Meghna gives turmeric in her hand and turns. Naina holds her hand and hugs her. Meghna’s anger vanishes and she kisses on her cheeks and hugs her. Naina is happy.

Kalpana is angry and thinks she got insulted because of Naina and Meghna. Sawri comes there Kalpana asks how dare you to enter my room. Sawri asks how dare you to look beautiful even in anger and says your way is different from others. She says my new mummy knows nothing and that fatty paints her face. Kalpana gets flattered. Sawri says everyone say that I do nice make up and asks can I apply make up on our face. Kalpana agrees and sits down.

Naina and Meghna present the cake made by them. Sharda says they used to make same cake before too as this is the easiest and fast. Asha thinks now she has to be happy. She gets scared seeing Kalpana and asks why she has become ghost. Kalpana says beautiful. Asha shows her face in phone’s camera. Kalpana gets scared and gets angry on Sawri. Sawri says you are looking beautiful. Kalpana asks Sharda to punish her. Sawri gives scale in Sharda’s hand and asks her to beat her and teach her Swabhimaan. Sharda says she don’t know that she can do good make up and tells that today she got to know about her talent which will be the base of her Swabhimaan. Sawri asks if she will not punish her. Sharda says no and says she will teach her how to use her talent rightly and asks her to apologize to Kalpana. Sawri apologizes to her and offers to clean it. Kalpana says she will clean herself. Sawri thinks where she tries to do something bad, good thing happens and thinks to do something big. Sharda cuts the cake and makes everyone have it. Naina gives cake to Karan. He takes a piece and returns half to her. Naina thinks still he loves her. Sawri comes. Sharda gives cake to her.

They all dance on the song kuch hain junoon saa….Kunal and Meghna dance together, Naina and Karan dance. Naina and Meghna make Sharda wear tiara. Sawri tries to dance and thinks she will separate both sisters and then will dance.

Nand Kishore tells Dada that he has fixed Khyati’s alliance with Balwant Thakur’s son. Dada ji asks how can you do this alone, without seeing the guy. Nand Kishore shows the pic and says he is good. Khyati and Vishal go to room. They hug each other. Dada ji looks at the guy’s pic and says he knows Balwant and his son who is Karan’s friend. He asks did you talk to Khyati. Nand Kishore says what she knows about marriage and says who can take better decision than her father. He says you have chosen bahu and let me choose son in law, believe me, I will take right decision.

Khyati tells Vishal that finally they got a chance to talk. Vishal says whenever he closes his eyes, he remembers her old Khyati. Khyati says she had proposed him first and says she has done right na. Vishal says when you proposed me, I couldn’t refuse you, as I love you a lot. They dance. He is about to kiss her, when Sawri comes there, they get shocked.


Swabhimaan 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vishal tells Meghna that he loves Khyati. Meghna gets happy and promises to unite them. Later Naina informs Khyati about the alliance which Nand Kishore chose for her. Khyati gets upset. Nand Kishore asks Naina to make her ready as groom family is coming. Khyati gets upset and goes to her room.

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