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Swabhimaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 14th April 2017 Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Nand Kishore asking everyone to come. Kunal comes. Nand Kishore says I have done punya/ good deeds so that I got you. Sandhya smiles. Nirmala comes and says even Meghna is looking good. She compliments them. Nand Kishore says lets go. Nirmala waits for Karan and Naina. Nand Kishore asks if you have any problem and says even you are looking okay today. Nirmala says Naina went to call Karan, they must be coming. Nand Kishore says I am tired of all this, he says your son can’t walk even an inch without his umbrella, can’t talk or mingle with people and says he will not come. Nirmala says Naina will bring him. Nand Kishore gets irked. Meghna looks on.

Naina asks what happened? Karan says you knows my weakness, then why do you want to make my joke. Nand Kishore asks Nirmala to stop talking about Karan and says he will not come and have no courage. He says our other son Kunal will make us feel proud. Naina tells Karan that she has seen his talent. Karan says what I will do if anyone forward their hand to shake with me. Naina says I have a solution and opens the cupboard.

Sharda is getting ready. Vishal asks her to get ready fast. Sharda asks about the invitation card. Vishal goes to get the card. Vishnu comes and tells Sharda that apology letter is published in the newspaper, and says he will show to all neighbors and goes. Asha taunts Sharda and says if media haven’t posted this apology then their newspaper would be closed. She says CM and you have come closer and warns her of their respect. Sharda gets CM’s assistant call who tells that he wants to talk to her. Sharda says she is busy right now and ends the call.

Sandhya tells Nirmala that it is a big problem for him and that he will not come. She says if there would have been any solution, then we would have found. Naina asks Karan to forward his name. Karan refuses. Naina asks him to trust her and gives him gloves. She says when we accept our problem then we get solutions too. He says if there is a disease then there is a treatment too. She says this is magical gloves sent by Dr. Vishal and asks him to hug Nirmala, touch Dada ji’s feet and do hi five with Khyati. Karan wears the gloves. Naina asks him, whom he wants to touch first with his special gloves. Karan says to my special friend. Naina is surprised and touched. Karan turns towards her. Naina looks on.

Nirmala says if you don’t want to wait for Karan, then it is okay, but he is talented. Nand Kishore says he has a talent to hold with Umbrella in any weather, and criticizes his clothes. He tells that he is tired and asks Sandhya to explain. Karan forwards his hand for a hand shake. Naina gets happy and shakes hand with him. Sweet Music plays……….Karan says friendship is completed now. He smiles. Oh piya plays….

Sandhya tells Nirmala that she holds special place in Karan’s life and when he don’t agree to her, then he will not come. She says Karan will not come, we shall go. Meghna says we shall wait for sometime.

Sharda tells Asha that she is going to Jaipur with Vishal as Dada ji invited them to see competition in which Meghna and Naina have taken part. Asha says CM must also be coming there. Sharda says I don’t know and leaves with Vishal. Vishnu says Sujan Singh ji respects Sharda a lot. Asha tells him that Sujan Singh ji have invited just Sharda and not them. Vishnu looks on.

Nand kishore says when Sandhya can’t make him agree, but Naina can agree him. Kunal says we shall wait. Nand kishore says once we got the chance to take part in the competition, but lost. Dada ji says you didn’t understand the real meaning of this competition. He tells Nirmala that they can wait. Nand Kishore asks Kunal to come with Meghna. Nirmala stops him. They see Naina and Karan coming. Everyone smile except Sandhya. Nand Kishore is surprised. Nirmala says what others can’t know, I have understood. She thinks Naina understands him much and hugs her. Naina smiles. Nirmala thanks her. Meghna also hugs her. Dada ji says lets go, else we will be wait. He says I have one more surprise for you both. Meghna asks if Mamma is coming? Dada ji says she reached there before us. Meghna and Naina get happy. Sandhya thinks Naina brought him, but he can’t participate. She thinks it will be fun as I am the judge.


Swabhimaan 15th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dada ji announces that Sharda is one among the judges. Nand Kishore is shocked. Sandhya comes to changing room and sees Karan’s clothes and shoes. She sprays something on his shoes to make him get allergy.

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