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Swabhimaan 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 14th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Naina to do the puja. He says rituals will not break as this puja will be done by other bahu. He asks Karan to go and get ready. He nods and goes. Naina thinks Karan is upset. Dada ji tells Pandit ji that they will do puja. Karan asks Naina why she didn’t refuse to sit in puja. Naina asks why didn’t you refuse? She says she agreed as Dada ji asked her with love and trust. Karan says it is your sister’s right. Naina says it is my right and asks him to tell Dada ji that he will not sit in puja.

They get ready and come to sit for puja. Pandit ji asks Karan to have tilak. Nirmala asks him to apply tilak to Naina. Sandhya thinks Meghna didn’t do right. They do the puja. Nirmala asks them to give money. Pandit ji takes it and says puja is complete.

Kunal and Meghna reach home. Sandhya thinks I am sure that Meghna missed this puja purposely. Kunal tries to speak. Sandhya stops him and asks Meghna if she has watch with her, and know how to see time. She asks did I tell you or not about the importance of this puja, and says your phone was off all night. She asks if you used to go to college late, and says if this suits Chauhan’s bahu and if she is taking them lightly. She says we agreed for this marriage, as we thought you have Sharda’s values and asks if this is her values. She says we didn’t tell you anything at your place, but this is Chauhan’s house. She says we expect you to follow the customs.

Kunal takes the blame on himself and says I asked her to come out with me. Meghna recalls insisting Kunal. Sandhya asks him not to cover up Meghna’s mistake. Kunal lies and tells that although Meghna refused to go, but I insisted, and we got late. He asks them to scold him, but not Meghna.

Dada tells Sandhya that Meghna is scolded because of Kunal and scolds Kunal holding his ear. Meghna apologizes to Dada ji for hurting him. Dada ji says you didn’t do mistake. He asks them to make food for them. Sandhya tells about the rasoi rasam and asks them to make food for all. Dada ji says food is the thing which will impress the soul and says he will give them prize. Naina asks what he wants to have. Dada ji says whatever you will cook, we will eat. Meghna asks Naina if they have scold her. Naina says no and hugs her. Sandhya asks them to be careful and not to do any mistake, hopes Sharda taught them cooking. Meghna thinks mistakes will happen again and again….Naina says we will not do mistake.

Naina tells Meghna that Kunal took her side infront of everyone and tells that he is loving and caring. Meghna thinks shall I tell truth to her. Naina says everyone don’t get husband like you and gets sad thinking about Karan’s behavior towards her.

Sharda calls them. Naina asks if she had medicine. Sharda asks about the puja. Naina says puja is done. Sharda asks what happened? Naina says nothing happened? Sharda senses something is wrong and asks them. Naina tells her that Kunal took Meghna side today. Sharda asks what happened? Naina says he did a mistake, but when Sandhya scolded Meghna, he took her side. Sharda asks Meghna why she didn’t reach on time for puja. Meghna says it was slipped from my mind. Sharda says you are connected to that kul now and have insulted God. She asks how can you do mistake? Meghna thinks my focus and aim is on one thing. Sharda asks her to be careful, and asks Naina also to start their life with love and care. Meghna thinks now I can’t tell anything to Naina, else she will tell Sharda.

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