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Swabhimaan 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sharda telling Meghna and Naina that she is feeling ashamed and have lost her Swabhimaan. Nirmala tells her that she has heard only one side, and tells that their bahus can’t be wrong. She says Chauhan family is guilty of them and tells about Karan’s skin disease since childhood. She apologizes and says when Meghna come to know about his illness, she got scared for Naina, and haven’t done any sin. Meghna apologizes to Sharda. Naina says Di wanted to tell you, but we don’t want you to have tension. Sharda says your intention was good, but way was wrong. She hugs her daughter. Swabhimaan song plays……Nand kishore says same thing started again. Dada ji scolds him. Nand Kishore asks him if he wants to make him feel low infront of Sharda, and asks if he wants to say that Sharda’s upbringing is not wrong. Dada ji says there is nothing wrong in her upbringing and says I feel like my upbringing is wrong and can’t be rectified now. He says we have done a mistake and have come to the place where we have to take a decision. He says once I folded my hands and asks for Meghna’s hand, but today I am leaving Naina’s decision on you. He says that day I was not with you, but today I am with you.

Sharda says last time I have taken decision for her, but today I want to leave decision on Naina, if she wants to stay here or go. Nirmala asks Naina to take a decision which she thinks right. Naina says this is my house and my family, and says when my life partner is here, then where I will go from here. I am bahu of this house and will stay here, and says all these relations are mine, and I can’t think of leaving everyone. Karan comes there and asks Naina to go. He asks Sharda to take Naina from there. Nirmala asks what you are saying? She wants to stay with you here. Karan says why and says he is trying to leave alone and don’t want any more favors from her. He says I will stay peacefully now, as I told you already that there is no future of our relation. Naina says I know why you are saying this and asks him to listen. She says I didn’t come here to go, I am bahu of this house and you can’t take decision alone.

Nand kishore says it is husband’s right to take a decision and he told what he wants. Naina says she will not go anywhere. Karan says I don’t accept this marriage or this relation and asks her to stop her drama and leave. Naina is hurt and cries. Dada ji asks Nand Kishore to stop Naina and says if she steps out then our house will break. Nand Kishore says Karan refused to accept her as his wife and says once I forced him for marriage, but don’t want to force him again. Dada ji says she brought good change in him which you can’t refuse or ignore. Nand kishore gets thinking.

Karan is in his room thinks about Naina and their marriage. Oh Piya plays…..Naina packs her stuff. Karan looks at the gloves and thinks about her. Dada ji hopes Nand Kishore realize his mistake soon. Naina sees him and goes from his room. Karan runs to see her glimpse.

Naina comes down. Meghna feels guilty and says she never wanted her to go. Naina asks her not to blame self and says when Karan asked me to go, I have no reason to stay here. Karan cries in his room.


Swabhimaan 15th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina leaves from the house emotionally and tells Meghna that she will not be with her and be her tail/pooch. Meghna cries and breaks down. Kunal holds her. Nirmala asks Karan why did he ask Naina to go, and tells that she is his strength. Karan gets teary eyes.