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Swabhimaan 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 14th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vishal is about to kiss Khyati, when Sawri comes there and looks at them. Khyati pushes Vishal. Sawri says first love is always beautiful. She asks them not to get tensed and promises not to tell anyone about their love. She asks them to continue and goes. Khyati gets worried. Vishal says we can’t stay in fear, we are in love, and haven’t done anything wrong. We shall tell everyone. Khyati says nothing is fine as of now and asks him to wait for sometime. He agrees. Naina hugs Meghna. Sawri thinks you are hugging each other for last time, game have started. Vishal and Khyati are having food and holding each other hands under the dining table. Kunal meets Sharda and tells Karan that he is going out.. Vishal asks Khyati not to worry and says we will not tell anyone until you agrees.

Karan asks Khyati to come and says food is made at their home also. Naina gets Nand Kishore’s call and he tells her that he has fixed Khyati’s alliance and asks them to come by evening and do all the arrangements as they are coming to see her. Naina gets happy and says she will make arrangements and make her ready. Sawri hears her and thinks lets see what Meghna knows. She goes to Vishal and asks him to tell Meghna about his love and take her in his confidence. She asks him to tell Meghna and says even Khyati loves you. Vishal goes to Meghna. Meghna asks what? Vishal tells her that he don’t know what to tell and tells that Khyati and he loves each other a lot. He used to visit Jaipur and she used to come to Bundi, they never know when did they fall in love. Meghna gets happy for him and promises to support and get him married to her. Naina and Meghna tell each other that they have something to say. Sawri stops them from telling each other and says your husbands are waiting and asks if they don’t like them then she is ready to get them. Naina and Meghna leaves.

Sharda talks to Nirmala and says she is happy that Meghna and Naina came to attend her birthday and patched up. In car, Naina and Khyati talks about new Colors show Aashiqui and plan to watch together. Naina tells Khyati that Nand Kishore called and have a good news for her. Khyati asks her to tell. Karan says it must be for his laadli bahu. Khyati asks him not to be rude with her.

Naina tells Karan that Balwant’s son Arjun is coming to see Khyati. Karan gets happy and says he is my best friend. He says Khyati also knows him and once I had a doubt that she is seeing him. Naina says we have to reach home by 4 pm. Khyati is shocked and upset.

Meghna tells Kunal that there is a big good news for him. He asks her to tell. She asks him to rock in the interview and then she will tell him. Naina, Karan and Khyati come home. Khyati goes to room without talking to Nand Kishore. Nand Kishore gets emotional and says he couldn’t make his sons marriages happen according to his wish, but he will make Khyati’s wedding grand and will fulfill all his wishes. He gets nostalgic and recalls her childhood.

Sharda tells Sawri that she will study in the academy in Jaipur. Sawri gets happy knowing about Jaipur. She says she will go to Jaipur. Sharda says I will also come. Sawri asks her to trust her. Sharda asks her to go and come fast. She asks her not to break her trust. Sawri is trust will always break and thinks she has a meeting at 4 pm.


Swabhimaan 15th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sawri tells that she has done half work and will do another half. Meghna meets Naina outside Chauhan’s house and tells her that Khyati loves someone and asks her to go against Nand Kishore and support Khyati if need be.

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