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Swabhimaan 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Suhani Si Ek Ladki 15th February 2017 Video Watch Online on TeleShowUpdates

The Episode starts with Meghna getting angry. Naina asks her to cool down. Kunal comes and asks what they are talking? Meghna tells him that a girl should be a good bahu and wife, but the people don’t think that girl can become anything. Kunal says so much anger and says I have no objection with your anger. He says if you don’t want to make food, then I will order food and nobody will know about it. Naina tells him that Meghna used to cook delicious food at home. Meghna says I used to cook there due to my wish and here due to helplessness. Naina reminds Meghna what dada ji said to them. She says Dada ji called us grah lakshmi and called you as Vice president also. Kunal appreciates Naina for her mature and understanding thinking. Meghna and Kunal have an eye lock. Naina says I can go out. Meghna says he will go. Kunal insists to stay. Meghna asks him to go. Naina laughs.

Nirmala comes to Sandhya and says I know you well. Whenever you are upset and sad, you comes here. Sandhya asks why you are happy? Nirmala says even you know me well. She says I was scared before that if my sons will respect their wives or not, and says I thought my bahus destiny will be like me, but today I am feeling proud of Kunal as he took his wife’s side infront of everyone. Sandhya thinks Meghna was making Kunal dance on her tune and thinks to bring her on line. Sharda comes to Solanki’s house and says I tried calling you 3-4 times, but you didn’t pick my call so I came here. Solanki’s wife tells that they were insulted during Meghna’s marriage and asks why did she come there? Sharda says she got buyer for her land and says I will repay your money with interest. Solanki says you have forgotten that the land is mortgaged with me and asks her not to come until she returns his money with interest. He says till then that land papers will be with me.

Sharda says I gave papers to you with my wish and asks him to have trust on her. Solanki’s wife asks her to understand and think that she has done mistake by giving papers to them. Sharda is shocked and recalls promising Asha. She asks them to give land papers to her, and promises to return their money. Solanki’s wife asks her husband to kick Sharda out. Solanki is about to push Sharda. Someone comes and holds his hand.

Naina asks Meghna what you will make? Meghna asks her to help her. Naina suggests some dishes. Meghna decides to cook some dishes and also gajar ka meetha. Sandhya comes and says nobody eat such food here. Meghna and naina looks on.

Vishal is the one who stopped Solanki from pushing Sharda. He warns Solanki not to dare push his Bua. Sharda tries to stop Vishal. Vishal says you have started worrying about me. Solanki gets angry on Vishal. Vishal says they will come and take back the papers as the land belongs to Sharda only.

Sandhya asks Meghna, if she wants to give them heart attack and says they eat only healthy food at Chauhan’s house and says they follow menu. She gives today’s menu. Naina reads different items for everyone. Sandhya says we eat on time and asks them to be careful. She asks Naina to come out, and says Meghna have to cook alone, and then Naina can make two dishes. She says today is your test, and we will see if you can top in this test too. She asks her to make the food ready by 1 pm. Meghna thinks I wanted to cook food for my family, but you tagged it as test. She burns the menu.

Sharda tells Vishal that he shouldn’t have shouted at Solanki and his wife and says my dreams are for you also. Vishal says what will happen if Meghna and Naina come to know about this and tells that he had promised to take care of her. He says what I will tell them that I couldn’t take care of you, but my dispensary is open. He says I miss them, says Vaibhav was marking holidays on the calendar, and planning to meet them. He says Chauhans might be eating special food made by them. Meghna feels apologetic to Dadaji and says she is doing this because of Sandhya as she wants special menu. She adds salt in all dishes.

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sandhya says food seems to be good. Dada ji tastes food and looks on. Everyone waits for his opinion.

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