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Swabhimaan 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 15th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Dada ji telling that he will see award function at home. He asks Nirmala to get ready and go. Nand Kishore asks Nirmala not to wear any saree and insults her. He asks Sandhya to give nice saree to Nirmala. Meghna looks on angry. Dada ji tells that whoever doesn’t know about family can’t become a family man and tells Nirmala that the award is for her. He asks Kunal and Karan to go with their wives. Meghna comes near Nand Kishore and apologizes to him. Nand Kishore says it is okay. Meghna touches his feet. Sandhya thinks I thought she will not apologizes. Karan looks on surprised.

Kunal asks Meghna why did she apologize to dad? Sandhya says Kunal. Meghna says it was a small matter which ended now. Kunal says okay. I trust you and holds her hand. Sandhya is irked. Naina holds Meghna’s hand and says she felt glad that she didn’t let her anger come in between them and apologizes to Nand Kishore. Nirmala thinks Meghna is having good values and apologized to Nand Kishore by herself. She didn’t tell her husband also. Karan comes to Meghna and asks why did you apologize to Papa and haven’t told Kunal about it. Meghna says he will not understand. Karan says I know that he will take a stand for you. Meghna asks why you are angry? Karan says if you kept silent then you will become like my mum who bears injustice. Meghna asks what about you, why do you stands silent. He goes. Meghna thanks him for sharing his heart and thinks to wait for right time. She says I will tell everything to Kunal at right time. She thinks it is fight of her mum, mum in law and all women.

Kalpana tells Asha that Vishal is going to Delhi for 2 days and asks her to talk to Sharda after her leave. She says if she says anything then I will not bear. Vishal asks Sharda to drink milk. Sharda asks her not to worry. Vishal leaves. Asha tells Sharda that she would have got govt car for Vishal and taunts her. She asks her to return her money in 2 days till Vishal returns, else something will happen which haven’t happened in this house and says they will do partition in the house. She says my son will not know anything and gives her daughter’s promise. Sharda is shocked.

Meghna, Kunal, Karan and Naina are in the car. Meghna says lets play something, why we are sitting bored. Kunal asks her not to break his heart. Naina says lets play antakshiri. Karan says lets play truth or dare. Meghna thinks this time is not right and says lets play something else. Kunal says we will play this game, but we don’t have bottle here. Karan says first Bhabhi and I will play. Meghna refuses. Karan says you said that I don’t talk to you and when I am ready to play with you, you are not playing. He asks truth or dare. Karan says I know you would choose this as it is difficult for you to tell truth. He says your dare is….you have to tell what happened last night which made you apologize to Papa. Meghna tells Karan that he is smart. She says whenever someone does mistakes, only youngsters are asked to apologize. She says next turn is of Naina. Naina chooses truth. Meghna asks her to tell three best quality of Karan. Naina says best thing about him is that he is a clean hearted and never lies, second thing is that he is caring, never hurts others even if he is upset, third thing is that he is a good son and good brother, but couldn’t express his feelings. Meghna asks what about a good husband? Naina says my answer is over. Meghna thinks she will tell Kunal everything soon.


Swabhimaan 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Meghna tells Kunal that Nand kishore was saying that he has to control horse Sharda. Kunal gets angry hearing that and is about to go to Nand Kishore, as he is getting best family man award. Karan tells Kunal that this is not the right time to talk to him. Kunal hits him. They beat each other. Meghna thinks what is happening, she wanted Kunal to confront Nand Kishore and not fight with his brother. Everyone in the party looks on shocked.

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