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Swabhimaan 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kunal asking Meghna to go and says he is fine. Meghna cries badly. Lady constable takes her. Naina and Karan tie the thread. He sees her dupatta stuck and frees it. Oh piya prays. He gives her money to be given to fakeer baba. He asks them to wait for Dua e Roshni and asks them to sit same way till it ends. Naina asks Karan, can they stay till dua e roshni. Karan says okay if you want. Naina thinks she will sit for dua e roshni for him. She asks what did you ask God. Karan thinks he asked her to stay with him forever. He tells her that some weakness break his strength, and locked him in room. He says some noise reached me and it brought me out of room. He says you are my true friend who gave me strength. He says if you had met me in childhood then for becoming Karan might be not a sin.

Naina says it is a blessing. He asks what did you ask for. She says she asked for her friend and his success. She prayed that light shall lessen your strength. Karan thinks she didn’t ask for herself. ‘’Sharda tells CM that these kids are like her daughters and she can’t risk their career. CM understands her emotions and thinks he can’t take a decision in a hurry. He gets a call and gets tensed. He says he can’t commit as of now and asks them to give him some time. He asks Sharda to come as he wants to talk for 2 mins. He tells Sharda that Nand Kishore is arrested regarding an accident case and says he thought to inform her, and will do the needful.

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Karan and Naina sitting in the dargah. Someone pushes him and his hand touches hers. He gets worried. Naina asks him not to move his hand and gives his promise. Karan takes his hand back once dua e roshni. He asks her to show her hand. She shows her hand and says she is fine. They get Sharda’s call informing about Nand Kishore’s arrest. Naina tells Karan that Papa is arrested. Meghna thinks she has to do something. Inspector tells that they will leave Kunal if Ganesh is found. Nand Kishore says my son didn’t do anything. Ganesh comes and says he is saying right. He tells that Kunal tried to help him seeing his scooter. Inspector asks if you are forced to give this statement. Ganesh says no. Meghna says he came infront of you. Inspector asks Constable to leave him. Meghna hugs Kunal and cries happily.

Kunal asks her to stop crying and hugs Nand Kishore. Nand kishore says I will do this again and again for you, and says let me take my son home Kunal signs on the papers. Reporter asks how did this accident happened? Meghna says there was no accident, and Kunal was trying to help the man and asks them to stop pestering him. Karan and Nain come back. Karan asks about Papa. Naina hugs Nirmala. Sandhya says everything is fine now, and says Nand Kishore will be bringing Kunal there. Sandhya thinks if Meghna sent media there, and hopes she is not responsible.


Swabhimaan 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Naina asks meghna if she was responsible. Meghna tells that she did a mistake and says says she called media as she thought they are going to doing something wrong.

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