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Swabhimaan 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Meghna telling Naina that she will make her stay in the company’s guest house. Naina says she don’t want her help and asks her to let her fight alone. She says you both have made me strong and I think I can handle anything. Kunal takes out money from his wallet and asks Naina to take it. Naina refuses. Kunal says he will get upset if she refuses and says even Naina and I are a team as jija saali. He tells that some flat is vacant and he will talk to that owner, and asks her to talk about rent. Naina says ok.

Nand Kishore tells Karan that he is very happy with him and feeling proud of yourself. Karan thinks I yearned to hear this from you, but I got this on losing Naina. Nand kishore asks him not to be sad and says we can’t trust her, she can return, so we shall make it legal. He says he will make arrangements for divorce. Nirmala brings water and says divorce is wrong. Nand Kishore throws water on her face and says he did this to make her conscious. He says we both have taken a decision and divorce papers will reach Bundi in two days. He keeps back the glass and it falls down. Nand Kishore gets angry on Karan now and scolds Nirmala.

Meghna recalls stopping Naina from going to Karan’s room and taking food tray from her hand. She feels bad. She imagines Naina telling her that she went far from everyone now and can’t stop her tears too. Meghna cries. Kunal sees her crying and pacifies her. He says their relation was weak, but when they get together again the pillar of their relation will be love and there can’t be stopped by illness or anybody. Kunal asks her to talk to Shorvori. Meghna calls Shorvori and tells about Naina and Karan. She then asks about her married life. Shorvori says she is coming to Jaipur and will surprise her.

Sharda and Naina are in the market. Naina asks her not to worry. Sharda says there was no water at home so I got it. She says she is thinking to stay with her. Naina says she will get a job soon if tries and asks her not to worry, and says I will manage everything. Sharda says this is not easy, but I am sure you will fight for your Swabhimaan. She asks her to call her if needed. Sharda goes.

Naina stops the taxi and is about to sit. Teni is about to sit too. Naina asks her to take taxi and says she will take another. Teni says she is in hurry and asks her to come, and offers to give her lift. She takes Naina forcibly. Naina asks did you come to meet your husband. Teni says friend. Naina says even she has a friend and thinks he is her husband too. Naina picks Teni’s phone will getting down the cab. Naina comes to her new house. Karan imagines Naina in the house and gets sad on not finding her. Bolna Mahi Bolna plays…….

Naina reminisces him and gets teary eyes. Karan imagines her everywhere in his room and gets teary eyes. He leaves the house. Naina makes a dummy and keeps umbrella with it. She says she will not go if he asks and says it is matter of her Swabhimaan now. Teni calls Naina and tells that their phones are exchanged and asks her to meet her and return phone. Teni tries to get lift, and is about to get hit by car. Karan saves her. Car driver stops the car and apologizes to her. Teni asks him to give lift and asks Karan to sit too. They sit in car. Naina comes to the place where Teni dropped her before and wait for her.

Teni says you are looking good, but sad and asks him to say what is his problem. Karan asks if you talks much always. Karan recalls asking Naina to go. The junction box of the hotel catches sparks. Naina calls her and says she is waiting. Teni asks him to say what happened? Karan says his problem is complicated and says she is his wife, but he regards her as best friend. Parth is caught in the fire. Naina looks on.


Swabhimaan 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Someone stops Shorvori and says you can’t go inside, you are pregnant. Teni is shocked. Naina saves a girl. Karan covers his hand and saves the same girl. He is about to see naina, but something with fire falls near there.