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Swabhimaan 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 16th March 2017 video Watch online HD on 

In Swabhimaan 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update You Watch : Meghna tells Kunal that Nand kishore was saying that he has to control horse Sharda. Kunal gets angry hearing that and is about to go to Nand Kishore, as he is getting best family man award. Karan tells Kunal that this is not the right time to talk to him. Kunal hits him. They beat each other. Meghna thinks what is happening, she wanted Kunal to confront Nand Kishore and not fight with his brother. Everyone in the party looks on shocked.

The Episode starts with Sharda coming to Principal’s office meet CM at her school. CM says poetic lines to praise her and says I wasn’t aware that I will meet you so soon and asks her to sit. Sharda is tensed and upset. CM says I can see tension on your face and says did you think about your daughters. Sharda says they are simple people and haven’t earned anything than respect. She says you are CM of this nation and have many responsibilities on your shoulder. You don’t need to worry about me or my daughters. CM says you are misunderstanding me. Sharda says I stay in Bundi, it is a small city and we are not habituated to sit or talk with big people. CM tells her that he came here for work and thought to meet her, and didn’t mean to trouble her. He asks her to let him know if she needs any help.

He says life is short, don’t know where and when we can again meet. He keeps his visiting card and goes. Sharda thinks about her family reaction knowing CM came to meet her in school.

Nand Kishore and his family come to the award function. Media asks Nand Kishore, to whom he wants to give credit to his success. He says he wants to give credit to himself and his intelligence. He praises Kunal and says he is CEO of the new project. Media asks him about his wife and asks if she don’t have any contribution in the house. Nand Kishore ignores their question and goes to talk to someone. Meghna thinks he don’t care or respect his own wife, then how he will respect my mum. She says whatever is going to happen tonight is because of yourself.

Sharda’s colleague talk about CM’s works. She thinks it seems he came here for work. She goes to Principal’s office and takes the card.

Host announces that they are making a special person as a family man who is best. Everyone claps. Khyati tells Nand Kishore that she is so excited and asks him to take her name. Meghna thinks to tell Kunal that Nand Kishore don’t deserve this honor. Kunal gets up from his chair and goes out. Meghna follows him. Karan thinks where did Bhabhi go and gets up from his chair. Host tells that sometimes we forget the loves ones for whom we worked hard, our family….Karan asks Meghna, whom she is searching? Meghna says Kunal.

Karan tells Meghna that Kunal will come back. He apologizes to her and says I want you to tell truth to him and don’t want to embarrassed you. Meghna says I know you are hurt hearing those words and can feel Nirmala’s pain also. She says this is not easy to tell Kunal, that’s why hesitating. Host announces that this year family man award goes to Nand Kishore. Nand Kishore thanks everyone and goes on stage. Host tells that he is a successful businessman and also values his family. Meghna gets teary eyes and says nobody saw my mum’s insult. Kunal comes back and asks Meghna why she is standing there. He sees tears in her eyes and asks what happened? Meghna says nothing. Karan says Bhabhi remembered yesterday’s incident and that’s why crying. Kunal asks him to tell what happened yesterday. Meghna nods no. Kunal says even Karan knew about it and you are not sharing with me. Nand Kishore gets an award. Kunal asks what happened? Meghna tells him that Nand Kishore told something about Sharda which made her angry. Naina comes and hears her.

Meghna says Papa called ghodi to my mamma. She says he was saying that he asked her mum to talk to CM about the project land. He says I went to give food to him and hears him saying to Sandhya that they would have control bundi’s ghodi Sharda long back and says they would have hit her with hunter to keep her in control. She says she felt angry and kept plate on the trolley. She says she is feeling helpless. Naina goes and sits back shattered. Meghna says I have apologized to him. Host asks Nand Kishore to say few words. Kunal tells that his dad shouldn’t have told this about Sharda. He says Sharda is my mum also. He says he have to apologize to her. Karan stops him using his umbrella. Kuna says I have never stopped you for doing anything and asks him not to stop him. Karan asks where are you going? Kunal says I am going to talk right now, whatever he told about Sharda mom is not right.

Nand Kishore gives speech and says kids shall be taught and they don’t learn seeing elders. Karan says you are right, but this time is not right to talk about this. Kunal says you have never step out of your room and now you are stopping me. Nand Kishore tells that he made Kunal like him and taught him. Kunal asks him to move. Karan asks him not to touch him else….Kunal says what? He says you will stop me now and asks him to learn and stand for himself first. Nand Kishore tells that he has three kids. One is loving daughter Khyati, and two sons Kunal and Karan. Kunal and Karan start fighting. Nand Kishore says he is very proud of Kunal and says he is a good businessman and also a good human and he is sure that he will take their family name to new heights. Just then everyone see them fighting and is shocked.

Kunal and Karan beat each other badly. Nirmala gets up shockingly. Naina looks shocked. Khyati tells Nirmala that her brothers are fighting. She asks Sandhya to do something. Media clicks their pics. Sandhya tries to stop them. Meghna thinks I wants to embarrassed them, but not like this. Kunal and Karan continue to fight. Nand Kishore is shocked and feels insulted. Both of them picks chair to hit each other, but Meghna and Naina come in between to stop them. Kunal sees Nand Kishore and is about to talk to him. Naina folds her hand and asks him to think about Nirmala, and says already there was enough drama. Reporter taunts Chauhans. Meghna thinks Nand Kishore’s respect is ruined at the price of family respect, I never want this.


Swabhimaan 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nirmala tells that her upbringing will be questioned and tells that what she will tell to Dada ji now. Sandhya tells Nirmala that Meghna made the two brothers fight with each other. Meghna looks on.

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