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Swabhimaan 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kunal, Meghna and Nand Kishore coming home. Naina asks are you fine? He says yes. Nirmala goes and hugs Kunal and meghna. Sandhya hugs Kunal, says you got us scared. Karan asks Kunal if he is fine and asks if he got hurt. Kunal says I have my brother and family with me, says he is fine. Dada ji tells that about unity and says I am happy that you and Nand Kishore tried to save each other. He praises Nand kishore for setting an example before Kunal. He says today I am proud of my grand son and son. Nand Kishore gets happy and says you praised me and says I waited for this day. He says I would have got locked in lock up if I had known this. Dada ji says but….Nand kishore this word but covers up my goodness. He says you can’t tell two words in my appraisal. Dada ji says I wanted to tell that your intention was good, but you got that money to make that man quiet. He says you shall have trust on your son and shall not try to cover up their act. Nand Kishore asks him to stop it.

Nand Kishore says this is enough for me. I will live with this magar/but. Dada ji says family become one by unity and says I am happy today.

Naina makes Meghna sit in her room. Meghna cries. Naina asks what happened and asks why did this happen suddenly and asks if you…..Meghna looks at her and cries. Naina apologizes. Meghna says I didn’t want this to happen, I did a big mistake, says she heard Sandhya talking to Nand Kishore and she thought accident happened by Nand Kishore and he wants to make the victim silent with the money. She tells that she called media and inform them. She says Kunal went to lock up because of me. Naina asks her to sit and says every action have an equal and opposite reaction. She says you did this to take revenge on Nand Kishore, but Kunal was arrested instead. Meghna apologizes. Nand Kishore tells that hatred is bad and asks her to decide if her hatred is big for Nand Kishore, or her love for Kunal. She asks her not to make Kunal hurt. Meghna says I love Kunal, but didn’t know that I love him so much. She says I want to take his place to safe him in jail and realized that I don’t want to lose him even for a moment. Naina asks her to promise and says no hatred or anger. Meghna promises her and cries.

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Kalpana asks Gopal to check before going. She says she kept everything. Gopal says he will become big. Kalpana asks him to act as busy man and leave Bundi things here. He tells that he is feeling bad as they have not informed the family. Kalpana gives her own reasoning. Meghna comes to her room, and sees Kunal keeping white tissue roll on her path. He says he didn’t get time to bring red color tissue roll. He feels bad as she cried a lot. Tu Pyaar Hai plays……He keeps her hand on his chest. Meghna hugs him. Kunal says I am stupid. Meghna says no. Kunal asks her to listen and says I am stupid as I thought I love you very much, but today I saw you crying badly and says you have won even in love and you did topped in love. He asks you loves me so much. Meghna says I love you so much and says even I didn’t realize how much I love you. Kunal says I will make sure that these tears don’t come again in your eyes. He hugs her. Karan is sleeping on the bed and is restless. He tries to see Naina’s hand and puts torch. Naina shows her hand and asks him to see clearly and says nothing happened to her. She asks him to sleep. Just then he sees her scratching her hands and gets shocked.


Swabhimaan 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand Kishore insults Sharda and asks why did you come? Later Gopal brings Nand Kishore shoes and says sir…your shoes. Sharda is shocked.

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