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Swabhimaan 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 17th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sawri lights the curtains on fire and asks her to leave Karan and give her marriage bridal dress and chunar. Naina set off the fire and says she will not give her bridal dress or chunar, and says I wish someone would have given you values, and it is marriage and not mandli. Sawri says but many people will be shock seeing this proofs. Naina thinks I am sure Karan haven’t done anything, and thinks to talk to him. She goes out to hall. Kunal tells Nirmala that he will take Naina to mandap. Naina thinks where is Sawri? Karan looks at Naina and gives his hand. He thinks I will tell you everything and is not afraid until you are with me. Naina holds his hand and comes to the mandap. Pandit ji asks them to exchange garland. Naina is about to make him wear garland, then stops imagining Sawri smiling, thinks she trusts him completely, there is no need to stop. She makes him wear garland. He also makes her wear garland. Everyone claps for them happily. Sandhya asks Pushpa to go and search Sawri and says she might ruin my 25 years of hardwork.

Kunal asks Meghna, what happened to Karan. He ties the ghatbandhan and asks them to hold it in any circumstances. Pandit ji asks them to stand up. They stand up and begin taking rounds. Pushpa thinks 3 round is completed. Naina stops before the 4th round. Meghna asks her to continue taking rounds. Naina thinks why she is feeling as if something bad is going to happen. Inspector comes there with his team. Dada ji asks why did you come here? Inspector apologizes and says we came for Karan. Kunal asks why? Inspector says we came to arrest Karan on the charges of molestation. Naina is shocked. Everyone is shocked too. Kunal says he is getting married here and you are blaming Sujan Singh Chauhan’s grand son. Dada ji says we think it is our responsibility to help Police and asks why he is blaming his grand son. Inspector says he got phone from this house. Meghna asks who called you? Inspector says Sawri. Naina walks towards the police and the ghatbandhan is about to open, Karan holds it at right time and ties it again.

Pushpa tells Inspector that she is searching her daughter since sometime and says he must have enjoyed and threw her somewhere, asks Inspector to search her. Inspector tells Dada ji that they have to search this house. Dada ji lets him search the house seeing the search warrant. Naina holds Karan’s hand. They go to store room and see Sawri tied. Sandhya signs Pushpa. Pushpa smiles seeing her and then begins acting. She says they have made friendship with her and then done this. She asks Sawri to tell them. Sawri says she was thinking him friend, but he….Inspector asks who locked you here. She points finger towards Karan.

Karan is shocked. Everyone is also shocked. Sawri sheds fake tears and says I thought him friend, but he….


Swabhimaan 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Inspector asks Sawri if she has proofs. Sawri shows the pics. Everyone is shocked. Karan is very much shocked.

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