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Swabhimaan 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Swabhimaan you will watch Nirmala tells that her upbringing will be questioned and tells that what she will tell to Dada ji now. Sandhya tells Nirmala that Meghna made the two brothers fight with each other. Meghna looks on. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Nirmala asking Meghna what she will tell to Dada ji now, and says her upbringing will be questioned. Sandhya tells Nirmala that Meghna made both brothers fought with each other. Naina takes Meghna’s side and tells that she tried to stop them from fighting. Nirmala blesses Meghna. Naina tells her that everything will be fine. Meghna thinks she don’t want to make the brothers fight and wonders what had happened? Nand Kishore gives interview and tells that his sons are newly married and that his sons fought because of their respective wives. Kunal tells Meghna that they will leave and asks her to pack the house. He says we will not stay in this house. He tells that he always saw her mum insulted and silently bearing nand Kishore’s insults. He says he did wrong and fought with his brother. He says he couldn’t forget the scene when she apologized to Nand Kishore. He says he will talk to Dada ji and he is sure that he will understand. He asks her to pack her bags and leave.

Naina tells Meghna that if they leave then Sharda and her upbringing will be blamed. She asks her to think about Dada ji, Khyati, family members. She asks her to stop Kunal for herself and cries. Dada ji scolds Kunal and says I thought my grand sons are like me, but I was wrong and tells that you both are like your father. Kunal says actually matter is that……Meghna comes and says we want to apologize to you. She says we can’t think how you are feeling right now. Dada ji says I am very sad, but why you are apologizing. Kunal says yes, I did a mistake and hurt you. I never thought to lower your head and apologizes to him. Dada ji says I had started a small factory and made it big and asks them not to ruin Chauhan’s name. He cries and folds his hands. Kunal holds his hands and says sorry, cries with him. He promises that he won’t repeat his mistake again. Meghna thinks she can’t punish her family due to Nand kishore and think to make his ego taste the dust.

Sharda thinks about CM’s plans and informs Vishal. She says she will get form. Kalpana hears her and informs Asha. Asha checks Sharda’s phone and says it is a limit, you called him back. She throws her phone on floor. Sharda looks upset.

Naina comes to their room. Karan asks her not to touch drawer. She says she will not touch and asks him to take a pain killer. He is about to fall down, Naina tries to hold him, but he gets up by himself. Naina asks why he makes her feel as if she is untouchable person. Karan thinks he has no answer for her question. He writhes in pain. Naina offers to apply ointment. He refuses. Naina blows on his wounds…..Tu Pyaar Hai plays……..

Nirmala asks Karan if he is still feeling pain and asks Kunal if he applied ointment on his wound. Dada ji throws newspaper and asks Nand Kishore what he means by this. Nand Kishore asks him to question Karan and says if he came out of his mum’s pallu and did this. He says drama happened because of him, as Kunal can’t do this. He says we shall not have taken him anywhere and he shall sit in his dark room. Dada ji asks why he blamed bahus for the happenings. Sandhya tries to answer. Dada ji asks her to stop and says let Nand Kishore answer. He says you went there to get best family man award. He says when your sons’ fought with each other, you would have handled the situation carefully, but you put the blame on our bahus. He asks him to answer. Nand Kishore tells that he will not take back his words.

Dada ji says all Chauhan family will answer and says Meghna and Naina will do all arrangements of holi, and says press shall write their name. He asks Sandhya to give this news to press and says everyone shall know about our bahus’ values and this will be answer to your question. Nand kishore shouts and says there will be no holi in Chauhan house this year. Dada ji goes to inhouse temple and brings color plate. He applies color to Naina and Meghna. They take his blessings. Dadaji says their holi started and bless them. He says my two bahus will do holika dahan arrangements.

Sharda is going to school. Asha asks her to get the money by tomorrow for Vishal’s dispensary. Vishal comes and asks her not to wait till tomorrow. He tells her that his clinic is opening because of his bahu. He tells that his clinic got approval and thanks Sharda. Sharda praises him. Vishal tells that he came to know that CM approved his application. Asha gets happy and says she will give party. Vishal asks her to thank Sharda. Asha thanks her. Sharda says our Vishal will be a big doctor.

Meghna and Naina are making arrangements. Meghna asks Karan to bring few things for holi. Naina says I will bring. Meghna asks him to get it. She goes. Karan says you would have told me, and tells that he will wait outside gate for her. Kunal looks at Karan. Karan leaves.

In the market, Naina gives ramayan to Karan. Karan says do you think that I am rakshas. Naina says this is for you and tells about brother’s love. Karan says I know and says you came here to shop for holika dahan. Naina asks him to leave his ego for his brother, and asks him to apologize to Kunal. Karan says these things happen in these books and asks her not to become his teacher. They see kids playing. Naina says pichkari is his favorite. Karan says I hate colors. Karan scolds the kids and asks him not to put color on him. Naina tells that they play holi like this. Karan says he will not play with friends or enemies. Naina applies color on the kids happily. She asks shop keeper to give her 5 types of wood. She is about to fall. Karan don’t hold her hand. She falls. Karan says he is understanding what she is going to do. Naina asks what if you happen to touch me. He asks her to do shopping and goes.

Just then sticks fall on Naina’s head. Karan turns and runs to save her. He touches her hand and hugs her to save her. They fall down. Sticks falls on Karan. He feels pain. Naina gets unconscious. People there help him get up. He says I touched you and worries for him, thinks she will get infected by his allergy. He says I didn’t touch you and was away from you for your safety. He takes pandit ji’s scarf and covers Naina. He lifts her and take her to side. He then tries to make her get up. Naina gets up and thinks she always misunderstood him and teased him. She apologizes to him. Karan asks why? If she is apologizing for teasing him. Naina apologizes to him.

They come home. Meghna asks what happened to them. Naina says she is fine and tells that Karan took her to doctor. Sandhya asks where did you go? Naina tells that wood stick have fallen on her. Nand Kishore scolds Karan. Naina tells that Karan didn’t do anything and he saved her. Nand Kishore says he came out from his mum’s pallu and fell down in his wife’s pallu. He says we can’t even scold our son and tells Sandhya that house control is in Naina and Meghna’s hand. He asks Sandhya to come. They leave.

Nand Kishore calls his associates home and asks them to be there till holika dahan. He calls Kunal. Kunal ignores him and goes. Sandhya says may be he haven’t heard him. Once his associates leave, Nand Kishore scolds Kunal. He asks Nirmala about her work. He says I work hard day and night for your luxurious life and asks what you do. He asks what do you do? Just apply bad make up and smile unnecessarily. Sandhya tells Please….Nand Kishore thanks Sandhya for handling work and says he did bad karma and that’s why he got ghadi/donkey like Nirmala. Nirmala feels insulted and hurt. Meghna hears him..

Later during puja, Meghna thinks Nirmala is silent even after humiliated by Nand Kishore. Naina tells that Karan haven’t come here. Dada ji says he will not come and tells that he don’t play holi. They do holika puja. Meghna thinks to make Nand Kishore respect Nirmala on this holi day. Naina thinks I know why you don’t play holi, and thinks he will play holi with her.


Swabhimaan 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina gets organic colors from someone so that she can play holi with Karan. Someone changes the holi colors. Naina splashes holi color water on Karan. Karan shouts Naina. Everyone is shocked.

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