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Swabhimaan 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Karan asking Naina why she is scratching her hands. Naina says she was teasing him. Karan is upset. Naina asks him to check her hands and says nothing happened. She says God is with us and will protect us. Karan asks how do you know? Did he call you? She asks him sleep. Karan and Naina lie on the bed. Karan is still concerned for her. Oh Piya song plays….Naina smiles while trying to sleep. In the morning, Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that new guy is coming for work and asks if manager explained him work. Sandhya says yes. Nirmala serves him halwa. Nand Kishore asks why? Nirmala says as you like it.

Nand Kishore says because of my jail yatra. Kunal asks what is he speaking? Nand Kishore changes his words and says he was asking Nirmala to take care of Kunal. Khyati comes. Nand Kishore says she is a fitness freak. She asks to buy exercise cycle. Nand Kishore agrees. Kunal says she will not work out. Khyati says shut up. Nirmala asks her to apologize to Kunal. She apologizes. Just then they see Sharda coming.

Meghna and Naina hug her. Sandhya signs Nand Kishore that Sharda came. Nand Kishore says it is a wonder that you came, and says Bau ji must have called you. Sharda says nobody called me here. Nand kishore says you must have come to see me, as I have snatched her chance to see my condition in Police station. Naina holds Meghna and thinks she is getting angry. She thinks to do something to control the situation. Nand Kishore asks Sharda if she came to express her sadness or happiness, and says I have never been to such people’s house who came out from jail. Kunal says she must be obviously sad.

Nand Kishore says it is a teasing between samdhis. Dada ji asks him to be in limits. Nand Kishore asks Sharda if you felt bad and asks her to have breakfast. He serves her halwa and says Nirmala made this for my return. Sharda says I came to ask about you. Just then Gopal comes there holding his shoes. Sharda, Dada ji, Kunal, Meghna and Naina are shocked to see him holding Nand Kishore’s shoes.

Nand Kishore says you came at the right time, and says even Sharda is with us now. Sharda stands up shockingly. Nand Kishore tells everyone that Gopal will work for him as his personal assistant. He asks why you are standing holding my shoes and says this thing doesn’t suit you. He asks Sandhya to make him understand. Naina says there are many people in the house who can do this and takes shoes from Gopal’s hands and says I will keep it. She keeps it infront of Nand Kishore. Dada ji angrily asks who asked him to bring the shoes here and says Gopal ji is our samdhi before becoming Nand Kishore’s PA. Gopal is shocked. Nand Kishore asks him to clear Dada ji’s misunderstanding. He recalls manager telling him to help him wear his shoes. He lies that nobody asked him. He apologizes to Dada ji. Meghna is in kitchen. Naina asks her not to worry. Meghna says which boss asks his PA to bring his shoes.


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Sandhya tells Sharda that you might have felt bad. Sharda says no work is big or small and says there is no shame. My brothers can work anywhere. She thinks he came to Jaipur and haven’t inform me. Sharda thinks Meghna is still angry and thinks to leave. She says I have to go. Nirmala asks her to sit for more time. Sharda says she has to go to school tomorrow. Meghna says we will drop her till door. Sandhya asks Gopal to drop her outside and return fast, says she has to discuss NK’s appointments with him. Sharda leaves. Meghna asks did you hide this fact from Sharda. She says I told Mami that I will get you a job. Gopal says we were just waiting for your call. He says Nand Kishore called him and offered to give job. Meghna asks him to resign and promises to give him better job. Gopal says if I leave the job then I have to pay penalty of 25 lakhs rs and tells about 1 year contract. Meghna and Naina are shocked.


Swabhimaan 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sandhya comes to Meghna’s room and searches for the sim from which she called the media. She gets the sim and her doubt gets confirmed.

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