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Swabhimaan 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Nand Kishore that she didn’t understand why he made Gopal bring his shoes. She says s he is trying to understand what they will get. Nand Kishore says their car meets with a minor accident and then suddenly media comes there in few mins. He says someone is playing conspiracy against us. He asks who can it be? Sandhya says Bundi people or CM Saheb. Nand Kishore tells that their bahu’s chote Mama will be their weapon to burn Lanka. Meghna tells Naina that she loses everytime whenever she tries to do anything. She says she tried to follow Sharda’s teachings, but….She says Nand Kishore is wrong in my eyes and says he humiliated both Sharda and Nirmala. Naina asks what you are going to do? Meghna says we will win evil with goodness, and says Sharda is strong and

now they shall make Nirmala also strong and make her so big that Nand Kishore thinks of himself as small. Naina likes her idea.

Sandhya calls Media and asks Reporter from where did he get the news about last days accident news. He asks about the source and asks who was that person. Reporter says she was a girl and tells that she had all the info and when I tried to call her back, her phone was off. Sandhya thinks of Meghna and goes to check her room. She gets the sim in the trash bin. She recalls reporter’s words and says I was doubtful on you, but now. Meghna comes there and sees her. Sandhya hides the sim in her hand and tells Meghna that she tried to talk to her about her mama and asks her not to worry about him. She asks did you come to know who is behind Sharda ji’s conspiracy. Meghna says no and says what will happen if I come to know about that person and says revenge is not right. Sandhya asks what happened to you and provokes her. Naina comes and says di is not alone and says revenge is not in their dictionary. Sandhya thinks it is in my dictionary and determines to take revenge from them. Pandit ji is reciting mantras reading the holy book and stops reading. Nirmala asks what happened? Pandit ji tells that last page was torn by his grand son. Nirmala reads the rest of Shlok. Meghna and Naina are impressed. Meghna asks how did you remember it?

Nirmala says she learnt it in childhood and says it was strict. She says she is a graduate. Naina asks why didn’t you study further. Nirmala asks what you will do knowing about me. Naina says we thought to know about our other maa. She says where did you keep your degrees safely, and says Sharda used to decorate the house with her degrees. Nirmala says I am not topper like you both. Naina says we reminisces our childhood mischief till now. Nirmala says you will not agree and says she has to search them. She search for her degrees and gets it. Meghna sees gold medal and says you got it in hindi. Nirmala takes it from her hand and says I have some work. Meghna asks what you are hiding. She checks her certificates and says you have done masters in classical music. Nirmala recalls her musical instruments thrown in the house. Meghna and Naina ask her to tell. Nirmala gets tensed and says she is not interested now. She goes. Meghna tells that she is so talented, everyone shall know that she is not less than anyone.

Kunal sees gold medal with Meghna and says one more gold medal, stop it. He kisses on her cheeks. She shows him and says it is of mom. Kunal says I didn’t know. She says they forget their dreams and try to fulfill ours. Kunal gets sad and says I never tried to know her and thought myself as best son giving her flowers and card. He asks where did you get? Meghna kisses him and asks are you feeling bad. She says Maa did masters in classical music. Kunal says Dadu told me that she used to sing nicely and says she must have forgotten all her dreams by now. He says it is strange that you are telling me this. She says Maa have kept all this in the bag and says I want it to open and all world shall see that she is a good performer also. She asks are you with me. Kunal says I never thought to do something for her, but things will change now and I am with you. Sandhya hears them and is upset.


Swabhimaan 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sandhya sprays allergic spray on Karan’s stuff and thinks she has to do this to stop Karan. Nirmala comes. Sandhya gets tensed.

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