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Swabhimaan 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 19th April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Karan and Naina dancing along the other participants. Karan feels irritation, but controls somehow. Sandhya thinks until when you will handle allergy. Next round begins, Naina falls out of paper, Karan helps her get up. Naina says I am fine. Everyone looks son. Khyati says Naina is making Karan feel guilty. Nand Kishore says Naina and karan have a raam milaye Jodi and says they will run before next round. Meghna thinks if Karan made naina slipped. Sharda says this happens in competition. Nirmala says she is my daughter also and looks worried. Sharda thinks you have accepted them as your daughters.

Host says two couples are remaining and asks them to play music again. Kunal lifts Meghna and dance. Other couple loses. Host announces that Kunal and Meghna are winners for this round. Naina and Karan clap for them. Meghna asks Naina if she is fine, and asks Karan why you couldn’t hold her. Naina says she is fine and congratulates them.

Host asks everyone to go to green room and get ready for round 2. Sandhya thinks chemical is showing affect and thinks Karan shall get ready for round 2. Meghna comes and hugs Naina. Naina asks what happened. Did you get scared seeing me falling down. Meghna asks her to tell truly and says everything was fine between you both and says for one second, I thought as if Karan knew that you will fall and moved his hand back. Naina thinks she can’t tell her about Karan’s illness. Meghna says I will talk to him. Naina tells that everything is fine between them and tells that Karan got nervous as he dance for the first time. Meghna asks why you both are wearing gloves. Naina says as Karan got allergic in holi incident. Kunal asks Meghna what she is thinking? Meghna tells him that Naina is not like her and says she feels as if Naina is hiding something from her, and also thought about your words. Kunal says we have won and apologizes to her. Meghna hugs him. Karan apologizes to Naina and tells that he couldn’t hold her as his gloves came out. He says if you were with someone else then you would have won. Naina says you would have won if you had played guitar with someone else.

Karan says that girl will not be my friend. Naina smiles and motivates him. Kunal tells Meghna that they are crazy couple and mingles with each other. Meghna asks Kunal why did Karan let Naina fall. Karan tells Naina that he feels irritation with his shoes. Naina asks him to take it out. She checks his feet and sees rashes. She thinks something was in the shoes. Kunal tells Meghna that Sandhya takes care of Karan well and tells that Karan is more good than him. Naina tells that she has a solution, and says she is somewhat dramatic. She takes out her suitcase. She shows him anti allergic spray. Karan says do you think it will work. Naina says it is really good. She says we shall try once. She sprays it on his feet. Karan looks at her while the song plays….Tu Pyaar Hai…Oh Piya..Naina says it is done. Karan smiles. Naina says you might be thinking from where I got it and says Vishal told me about it. Karan tells that his gloves fell down and asks do you have one more gloves. Naina asks him to save her name to Naina Magician and says she has many more gloves in the box. Karan smiles.

Host announces the second round, which is compatibility and understanding round. He calls all the participants. Sandhya thinks Naina will not accept defeat so easily. I have to do something. Naina thinks we don’t know each other well.


Swabhimaan 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Host asks question and asks them to tell the participant ladies to tell what gift their husbands gave them first. Karan and Naina looks at each other.

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