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Swabhimaan 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Meghna and Kunal’s conversation about supporting Nirmala. Sandhya hears them and is shocked. Meghna sees her and asks for the file. Kunal says he has to discuss with Nand Kishore and goes to give file to him. Sandhya tells Meghna that since she came in his life, Kunal and Karan have changed. She says Karan is trying to overcome his illness. Meghna asks what? Sandhya tells that he was always in room and participated in the competition etc. Meghna says Kunal told me about his low self confidence. Meghna says it is not a disease. Sandhya thinks Naina has hidden about Karan’s skin disease. Meghna says Naina will make him fine. Sandhya goes and thinks Naina…your sister trust you, but you didn’t tell her anything. She says how she will feel when she comes to know this.

Naina is in the house when someone kidnaps her and brings her out in the garden. She sees Karan and gets happy. Karan plays guitar and sings song Tuhi toh meri dost hai…..Naina asks why it is needed? Karan says when you can inspire me to teach music to kids, then why can’t I thank you. He says last night, I couldn’t sleep thinking that you might catch my infection and says he wants to move on. Naina accepts his thank and says your friend will not let any problem come. Oh piya plays……..They smile looking at each other. Sandhya thinks to break their strength and says Meghna shall know that her sister has hidden this fact from her. She comes to Naina’s room and mixes allergy medicine in Naina’s moisturizer and thinks I don’t want to hurt you, but have to break Karan’s strength and stop him. She turns and sees Nirmala standing. Nirmala asks what you are doing here. Sandhya says she came to check the medicine, and says Naina kept it safely. Nirmala hugs her happily and says I can’t take care like you. Sandhya throws the medicine box in the trash bin. Nirmala praises her. Sandhya says I have 25 years relation with this house, old promises and betrayals. Nirmala asks why you are saying this, it is an old matter. He says everything is fine now and hugs her.

Naina comes out of washroom and she moves her hairs splashing water droplets on his face. He tells her that he will not bear and laughs. Naina tells him that kids were happy today and says they will name Karan music class. Karan says Karan and naina’s music class. Naina smiles and is about to take moisturizer. She then turns to him and says nobody can stop you. Karan says until you are with me, nobody can stop me. He rests on bed. Naina applies moisturizer and smiles.

CM talks to the MLA’s and Minister and asks them for the suggestion. Sandhya thinks Naina is fine and wonders if she didn’t apply the moisturizer. Nirmala asks Sandhya to sit. Kunal says good morning. Nirmala asks if you are not going? Sandhya says I will go after sometime. She thinks to find out if she applied lotion or not.

Meghna comes to Nirmala and says she wants to take her somewhere. She asks you trust me naa. Nirmala says she trust her much. Kalpana talks to servant. She asks for 3000 Rs. Kalpana refuses to give and she leaves. Sharda asks her why didn’t you tell me about Gopal’s job. Asha says if she had told you then you would have asked Gopal to do some other job. She says everyone is scared of your Swabhimaan. Sandhya looks at Naina. Naina is washing utensil and gets scratches.


Swabhimaan 22th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naina serves sweets to Sandhya. Sandhya asks her about rashes on her hand. Later she informs Meghna that Karan has a skin disease since childhood. Meghna is shocked.

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