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Swabhimaan 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 19th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Nand kishore what is he doing? Nand Kishore he is getting poverty smell from this laddoo. Dada ji asks what is this misbehavior. Nand Kishore makes Vishal have laddoo with his hand. He says what do you think that you will make my only daughter have this laddoo and caged her in Bundi. He says I knew this before, and recalls Sawri informing him. A fb is shown, Nand Kishore asks Sawri what is the proofs. She says she told truth to him about Kunal, and this is also truth. Fb ends. Nand Kishore says if I wanted then I would have showed your value on phone. Meghna and Nirmala are thinking about Khyati and Vishal. Kunal says we can go there and stands out. Nirmala asks them to go. Nand Kishore shows Khyati’s stuff and says my daughter is habitual to this lifestyle.

He insults Vishal and Sharda. Naina asks him not to insult her mum and brother. Nand kishore says I can do anything and says I know when did it start, it started from Sharda’s mind. He accuses Sharda for conspiring against him and planning to make Vishal as his damad. Kunal and Meghna are on the way. Nand Kishore says people tell that his thinking is far. He says I told them that they didn’t meet Sharda ji whose thinking is far more big than me. Karan asks him to stop it.

Nand kishore says he will not stop now, as it is a matter of his raj kumari whom she will not give to poor. Asha comes there and asks him to stop it, says she don’t want his mannerless, spoilt daughter. Nand Kishore gets angry and throws the stuff. Sawri comes there and hides. Nand Kishore asks how dare you talk to me like that. He asks her what you will call to your son, shameless? He says he came here although I slapped him before. Asha asks him to keep his princess at home, and says again you have insulted my son…I am cursing you that this time will repeat with you and your daughter will never be happy. This is a mother’s curse. Nand kishore asks what this woman is saying and goes angrily towards her, but Sharda comes infront of Asha. Nand Kishore pushes Sharda. Karan holds Nand Kishore and stops her. Meghna and Naina holds Sharda at right time.

Kunal stops himself from getting inside the house. Meghna says you have pushed my Mamma. She says you always insults my mamma, and says her mum’s sanskar stopped her. She says even Ravan’s ego was broken, but you are mere a human. Sharda scolds Meghna. Meghna asks Khyati to decide with whom she wants to spend her life with.

Khyati says she wants to marry Vishal. Meghna promises to get her married to Vishal. She tells Nand Kishore that she has not broken her relation with Khyati and will get her married to Vishal. Nand Kishore says everyone heard your values and tells that Khyati is having engagement at 7 pm. Everyone is shocked. He says Khyati will be engaged to Arjun. Khyati asks him not to do this. Sharda asks him to think with calm mind. Nand kishore says I will not leave the person helping them. Asha scolds Sharda for folding her hands and asks Vishal to come. She takes him with her. Nand kishore calls Security and asks them to take Kunal out, and calls Police next time if he is seen and keep eye on Khyati. Meghna takes Sharda and Kunal with her. Dada ji says you can’t force your decisions on Khyati. Nand Kishore says you will not understand as you have no daughter.

Khyati thinks she can’t marry anyone else and calls Vishal. Karan asks Khyati to pack her bags and says we will leave from here immediately. Naina says this is not right. Karan asks Khyati to get ready. Guards come and stand outside Khyati’s room. Naina goes to her room and tells about Karan’s plan. She says may be this house will lose other son also. Meghna says whatever we do, will be together. She asks her to listen to her carefully and tells something.


Swabhimaan 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Karan asks Naina not to stop him and says Khyati’s happiness means a lot to him. Naina closes the door and goes. He gets meghna’s call and she asks him not to panic. She tells him that fire alarm will ring and then the door will be opened. They can go then. Nand Kishore go to Khyati’s room and sees her gone. He shouts. Naina and meghna smiles.

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