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Swabhimaan 1st February 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Sharda making Naina ready for marriage and recalls Bua telling that they shall get Naina marry too. Sharda telling her that they will spend time together after Meghna leaves from here. Sharda gets emotional thinking this and tells Naina that she has to do her packing and didn’t get time to buy things for her. She gets emotional and cries. Naina says you have done so much for our happiness. Sharda says what about your happiness? She says you are not ready for marriage and this will be injustice with you. She asks her to refuse for marriage and not to marry for Meghna’s happiness. Nand Kishore tells Karan and Khyati to let this marriage happen, and says Karan will marry Naina. Karan is shocked and upset. Sharda says I will refuse. Naina reminds her what Sujan Singh had told her asking her not to worry. She says I am going to Dada ji’s house. She says I would have married after 2-3 years later, think that I am marrying earlier than that and says Meghna and she will stay together now. She asks her to agree and says we have taken decisions together always.

Vishnu comes and keeps hand on her head. He says we are blessed to have a daughter like you. Sharda recalls Vishnu telling her that Naina have grown up. Sharda telling him that she is more mature than Meghna. Meghna and Kunal are sitting together. Kunal asks Vaibhav to stay with Meghna and goes. Meghna hears Pandit ji calling bride. She asks Kalpana what is happening here? Kalpana tells her everything. Meghna is shocked and goes to Naina.

Khyati tells Kunal that Nand Kishore proposed Naina and Karan’s marriage and tells about his challenge. Kunal asks where is Karan? Karan gets ready for marriage and says this is not right, marriage can’t happen with conditions. Sandhya says someone insulted Nand Kishore and he couldn’t bear it. She says even I can’t bear if someone says that it is a sin to give daughter in Chauhan’s family. Kunal is shocked. Sandhya says Nand Kishore talks butter but he is right. She says may be this marriage will make everything normal. Karan goes to mandap. Meghna comes to Naina and sees her dressed up as bride. Meghna lifts her ghunghat and asks her not to ruin her life. Sharda asks her to calm down and says this marriage will happen. Meghna asks who has taken this decision. Naina says this is my decision. Meghna asks her not to ruin her life for her.

Naina says she is her Pooch/tail and will go with her. Meghna says what you want to proof that you have more values of mum than me, and says you are not my pooch but poorak. She says I will not let your life sacrifice as our Aayi taught us not to bear injustice. Sharda says this is not just Naina’s decision, but my also. Naina says you have thought enough of Mamma. Meghna says what do you think that we will save Mamma’s Swabhimaan. She says I won’t let her Swabhimaan hurt and says if they have kept condition then it is okay. I will refuse for this bidaai, no doli will go.

Kunal asks who told this to dad and asks Sandhya if this is the solution. He says 2 lives will be ruined specially of Naina. He says I will talk to Dad. Sandhya tells that Naina agreed for marriage by herself and she was infact happy. She says you know that he is sensitive and Nand Kishore is right. She says he thinks that who will marry Karan knowing everything and asks him to think about Karan. She says you have to take care of Karan just as Meghna takes care of Naina. She asks him to stand with Nand Kishore’s decision. Kunal recalls giving promise to Meghna and also Sandhya’s words. He thinks what to do? At one side is Karan and other side is the promise given to Meghna. Meghna says they have made my mum fall on their feet and want to prove that we are small infront of them. They are doing business with marriage and says they can buy anything but not my Maa’s Swabhimaan. She says I will tell them that they will take this doli empty.

Sharda asks Meghna, do you love me and Naina very much. She keeps her hand on her head and gives her promise asking her not to do anything which will stop the marriage. Meghna says what you are doing? You are sacrificing her life, for my happiness. Sharda says yes I am a bad mum. Meghna says no, you are a good mum and asks her to stop Naina’s marriage. Sharda asks Naina to come. Naina recalls Meghna telling that they are one now. Sharda recalls Naina telling that Meghna have moved on in her relation. Meghna cries and shouts Naina as Sharda is taking Naina to mandap. She says I won’t be happy in my life. Naina turns and looks at Meghna. Sharda takes Naina from there. Meghna cries. Sharda thinks I gave this promise for your life else you wouldn’t have let this marriage happen.

Swabhimaan 2nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap

Karan and Naina take rounds. Pandit ji asks Naina and Karan to respect each other family. Meghna takes reverse rounds and promises to ruin their ego and respect. Kunal looks on and is shocked.

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