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Swabhimaan 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Karan and Naina coming to the musical instruments shop and ask the person to repair them. Karan tells her that he didn’t know that his mum knows singing and music. Naina says music came in you through Nirmala and asks him to understand his identity. She tells him that karan singh chauhan is one person. Something goes in her eyes. She asks Karan to help her. Karan covers his hand with her dupatta and check and clears the particle from her eye. Naina thanks him for his help. Karan says nobody asked for help as they think only I need help.

Meghna shows the musical instruments to Nirmala. Nirmala gets emotional and feels guilty for her musical instruments’ insult. Meghna asks her to sing them and praise Goddess Saraswati. Karan asks her to sing. Nirmala refuses. Meghna asks her to sing for Goddess Saraswati and asks her to play Veena. Meghna gives her honey and salt. Sandhya sees them and thinks Naina and Meghna are back together and thinks to separate them anyhow, thinks she has more plans to play. Nirmala plays Veena and thinks about Nand Kishore. She recalls his threat and gets up. Meghna thinks Nand Kishore never respected Nirmala and broke her confidence. She thinks Nirmala will become so big then he will look small infront of her and this will happen today.

Vishal asks Khyati to remove her sandals and come. She removes her sandals and comes. Meghna tells that bhajan mandli will come. Karan asks Nirmala to sing for herself. Meghna says Papa will not come. Naina asks her not to refuse and sing for kids atleast. They do hi five with her. Meghna makes bhajan mandli people meet Nirmala. Sharda calls Nirmala and gives her best wishes. Nirmala says I will surely sing. Dada ji praises Nirmala singing talent and asks her to take Goddess’ blessing and light the diya. Nirmala lights the diya and takes Dada ji’s blessings. Kunal, Khyati, meghna and Naina hug her. Naina gives her dupatta so that Karan can wish his mum.

Nirmala sings bhajan. Everyone likes her bhajan. Sandhya intentionally calls and Nand Kishore and make him hear bhajan. She says she couldn’t hear him properly as Bhajan Sandhya is happening in the house. Nand Kishore asks Driver to take him back home. Kunal tells Meghna that mom is singing so good, don’t know why she stopped singing. Sandhya waits for Nand Kishore and thinks you shall come here and see the drama which is happening at your back. Nand kishore comes there. Nirmala gets shocked and scared. Everyone looks at Nand kishore.

Swabhimaan 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Sandhya pretends to talk to Doctor and asks what do you want to say that Karan’s illness is air borne, can spread with cough etc. Meghna gets shocked hearing it and asks Naina to come with her. She drags Naina with her. Naina looks at Karan emotionally. Karan gets emotional too.