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Swabhimaan 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Sandhya telling Meghna that she has ordered designer outfit for her. Meghna tells her that her mum used to say that their clothes and behavior should suit the people they work with. Kunal tells Sandhya that Meghna shall wear clothes in which she is comfortable with. Sandhya thinks about Nand Kishore’s words and asks Meghna to drink juice. She then makes the juice falls on Meghna’s dress intentionally. Meghna gets shocked. Sandhya apologizes and asks her to change her dress. Naina asks Meghna not to worry and says she will get her dress cleaned and keep it back. Meghna goes to her room.

Meghna thinks about Sandhya insulting her verbally and thinks how to calm down herself. She thinks about Sharda’s words and wears the dress brought by Sandhya. Sandhya thinks now get accustomed to hear me, now you are our bahu. Kunal tells Sandhya that her choice is best. Dadi asks Nirmala to feed her dahi and sugar and reminds Meghna that she is a topper not because of her clothes, but because of her hardwork. Meghna smiles. Dada ji blesses her. Meghna touches Nand Kishore’s feet. Kunal tells Meghna that chauffeur is ready to drive car for him. They leave. Naina comes to kitchen and says she will make lunch. Sandhya comes and says bahus don’t work in this house. Naina says she likes to work. Sandhya says we will not let our grah lakshmi work. Nirmala comes and asks Naina to watch Tv and sit in garden if she wants.

Meghna comes to the hospital. Manager welcomes her and takes her to her cabin. Meghna is happy to see her cabin. Manager asks her to settle down. Meghna tells that she wants to meet staff in conference room after 30 mins. Manager says okay. Meghna keeps Sharda’s photo frame on the table. Sandhya again asks Naina not to work. Naina says I was cleaning the frames. Sandhya says your juda is still in your hands, we can’t let you work. She says I will send magazines for you. Meghna thinks nobody came till now and thinks to check. She calls manager again and says she is waiting for the staff to come in conference room. Manager says she will give her message to everyone.

Naina calls Meghna and asks her about office, cabin, colleagues and work. Meghna says everything is good here and asks what you are doing. Naina says there is no work here, I am getting bored and tells that Sandhya told her that until she is wearing juda/bangles, she is not allowed to work. Nand Kishore tells Sandhya that they have to keep their bahus in control and asks her to call Jain and enquire about Meghna. Jain tells her that Meghna is not given any work to do, and she is sitting idle on her first day. Sandhya thanks her. Meghna thinks she has many hopes with her first day and thinks why there is no work and why nobody came to her. She walks out of her cabin and tries to talk to Jain. He asks did you drink tea? Jain says everyone is busy and asks her to just observe the day. Meghna says I will go on the site. Jain says you are newly married, just relax, we will send some other to site. He asks if you want to do everything on first day itself. Meghna thinks why I am feeling that I have nothing to do.

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