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Swabhimaan 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina and Meghna hearing reporters coming there. Karan and Kunal ask them to leave. Reporter says they want to know about Sharda and CM’s affair. Kunal holds his collar. Karan asks him to leave him and asks him to calm down. Reporter asks Kunal and Karan what is their opinion? Kunal asks what is your opinion. Reporter says I was not in that video and shows video to Kunal telling that if you have seen this, then you would have thought of an answer. Asha taunts Vishnu and Sharda. Sharda comes. Naina and meghna hold her. CM tells that he called this press conference as this matter is about a woman’s respect who is well respected and have contributed to this hospital also. Reporter says we know this and asks him to say when these pics were taken. CM gets up and goes towards her.

Reporter insists to meet Sharda. Kunal says I will answer for all your questions. He tells that this photo was taken outside forest dept guest house. He says my mum slipped and CM Saheb just helped her. He tells that when this photo was clicked, Shweta was also there who was removed from the frame. Shweta says I was there then. Kunal says atleast you said truth. He tells pics were presented in wrong way.

Reporter says there were many pics in it. Karan says we will answer. CM clicks pic with reporters and says if I show this pic to your family then you or I have to answer where it is clicked. He asks them to see the truth behind the pic. Karan tells that other pics were clicked when they participated in the Jaipur’s best couple contest. Reporter says we know as you refused to get second prize. Karan says other pic was taken on the stage, and their father and grand father were there, but they are removed from the pic. Reporter says they want to hear answer from Sharda ji. Kunal, Karan and Vishal walk towards reporters making them leave. Naina and Meghna hold Sharda’s hand. Sharda tells that whatever Kunal and Karan have done for her, is her real Swabhimaan.

Reporter asks other reporters to come. Meghna thinks how Kunal and Karan supported Sharda. Naina says we are lucky to get karan and kunal as life partners. Meghna asks Naina if she knew where those pics were clicked. Naina says she doesn’t know.. Sharda says I told them and tells that Karan and Kunal came to her. A fb is shown, Kunal asks her to say truth. Karan asks if CM have done anything wrong with you. Sharda says CM is a politician, but is caught in this conspiracy like me. She tells that she told truth behind the pics. Dada ji asks media to stay back and tells that whatever CM told is truth. He asks them to enquire the things before publishing the news. CM apologizes.

Dada ji tells that a woman’s respect is ruined because someone uploaded her video. CM says just as the video goes viral, many people gather outside her house within few mins and protested against her. He tells that he has set enquiry for the matter and tells that if anyone tells anything then he will file defamation case. Kalpana tells that CM and Dada ji are with Sharda and says nobody will dare to tell anything now. Asha says CM have suffocated their voices with his threat.

Nand Kishore watches CM’s press conference footage. Sandhya says if enquiry is done then….CM says Dada ji is doing everything to clean Sharda’s name and says he has never done such things for me. He says CM was silent in every matter, but now he is praising Sharda. He tells that CM is doing this on Dada ji’s insistence. Sandhya says what we shall d if enquiry is set. She thinks if my name comes then….my 25 years hardwork will go waste.


Swabhimaan 2nd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna is about to tell Kunal that Nand Kishore is behind the conspiracy. Just then Naina comes and their conversation gets interrupted.

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