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Swabhimaan 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with employer asking Kunal not to show his certificates to anyone else they will send you in fraud case. He says this is just waste papers and asks what you were saying inside. Kunal asks him not to tell about his family and holds his collar. Meghna pacifies Kunal and takes him. Karan thinks how can Nand Kishore do this. Nirmala gives clothes to laundry. Nand Kishore comes just then and calls Naina. He asks if she counts the dress. He gets a tiffin and opens it. Gopal calls Meghna while hiding some papers. Meghna sees the papers and sees affidavit. She says you came here to show affidavit to employer, and says she will make his new ID card, Pan card etc without Chauhan’s name. She calls his name and asks him to tell Nand Kishore that Kunal will reach heights without Chauhan’s name. Nand kishore scolds Naina for letting the food go for Kunal.

Naina says no food will go to Kunal jiju from this house. Nand Kishore then takes out his anger on Nirmala and calls her liar and cunning. He asks her to wipe sindoor from her maang of his name. Nirmala is shocked. He picks jug and pours water on her head. Karan runs to stop him, but sindoor is washed down from her forehead. Nirmala cries. Karan comforts Nirmala. Nirmala imagines Kunal and hugs him apologizing him. Kunal says I am not Chauhan, I don’t have any relation with anyone. He says now even name was snatched, but I am still her son. Meghna hugs him. Naina asks Karan to take Nirmala to room. Nirmala.

Asha tells that nobody asked her when that relation came, and says identity gone while running after Swabhimaan. Sharda says her daughters will make their own identities and maintain their Swabhimaan. She says she trust them. Asha asks her to keep trusting them. Naina thinks to call Kunal and inform him about nirmala. Nand Kishore snatches her phone. Naina says Nirmala will be fine after meeting Kunal. Nand Kishore asks her to call doctor, and reminds her that she is the only bahu of the house and asks her not to get engaged in such things. Dada ji comes and tells that Naina is bahu of their house. He asks Sandhya to give keys to Naina and fulfill the responsibilities.

Sawri asks Asha to bring breakfast for her. Sharda asks her to keep her feet down. She tells Swabhimaan’s first path is to become independent and stands on her own feet. Sawri says mad woman, don’t know what she is saying, I am standing on my feet. Sharda asks her to come to school with her. Sawri refuses and says I am not Naina. Sharda says I know how to make you better person and not Naina, and says you can’t become like her.

Dada ji asks Sandhya to give keys to Naina and unburdened herself with the responsibilities. He asks Naina to take keys. Naina says but. Dada ji says it is all bahu’s responsibilities. Sandhya comes near Naina and recalls Dada ji’s words. She gives keys in Naina’s hand. Karan sees Naina taking keys.


Swabhimaan 2nd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand Kishore asks Nirmala to give their ancestral bangles to Naina. Karan gives his keys to Naina, and tells that only Meghna deserves house keys etc.

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