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Swabhimaan 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Swabhimaan you will watch Naina gets organic colors from someone so that she can play holi with Karan. Someone changes the holi colors. Naina splashes holi color water on Karan. Karan shouts Naina. Everyone is shocked.Stay tune with us for more written updates.

The Episode starts with Khyati bringing Meghna out of house. Kunal throws water color bucket on Meghna and says he is number 1 in such things. Khyati laughs. Meghna catches Kunal and colors his face. She tells Khyati that next turns is hers. They throw her in the color water pool. Vishal comes to their house. Khyati throws color water and it falls on him. He laughs. Naina gets organic colors for Karan and thinks she will fulfill her promise and make him have holi with everyone, says you will love colors. Vishal comes and applies color on her face. He says happy holi. He greets Nirmala. Nand Kishore comes. Vishal greets him happy holi and recalls his insult. Nand Kishore tells Nirmala that he hates dirty thing, and says water color is falling from his clothes. Vishal apologizes. Kunal also apologizes.

Nirmala says it is holi day and Vishal is our guest. Nand Kishore says so he shall stay like guest and says why I am explaining to you, you never understand me. Meghna thinks it is enough, I won’t let you insult Maa more, you will respect her infront of everyone before holi ends.

Servant changes the holi colors which Naina brought for Karan. Khyati teases Naina. Dada ji greets an old worker Mangatram. He tells that Nirmala is Annapurna. Nand Kishore is irked to see the people and shares with Sandhya. Meghna tells Dada ji that everyone respects Nirmala and calls her Annapurna, so we shall take them home. Dada ji says okay.

Meghna asks Naina what she is thinking? Naina says she wants Karan to play holi with him. Meghna says she can go to him being his bhabhi, can pull his ears and bring him here. She says other way is you can go and bring him here. Mangatram’s condition worsens. Dada ji attends him. Naina runs inside the house and tells servants that Dada ji fell down. She then knocks on the door and tells that dada ji fell down. Karan panics and comes out of room. He comes running to Dada ji and asks if he is fine. Dada ji says Mangatram fell down. He eyes Naina and think that she did this drama so that I come out of room. Dada ji tells that Naina wants you to have holi with us, and asks him to end his enmity with Kunal and hug him. Karan is silent.

Dada ji says I will not say anything, but I will be sad that my holi is incomplete. Naina brings color plate and tells him that it is organic colors. He thinks why she is giving explanation and thinks if she got to know about my illness. Naina says she uses organic colors. Karan takes the holi colors. Naina asks him to accept what Dada ji said and go to Kunal. Karan goes near Kunal. They recall their fight. Kunal says you came late and says atleast you came to apologize to me. Karan says I had to come, as people hug even enemies on holi. Kunal asks what is your problem. Karan says you haven’t apologized to me, and fought with me. Kunal says nobody knows about the treatment of your illness as you are difficult to understand. Karan says happy holi.

Swabhimaan 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna and Naina sing and dance on the song Ram ji ki kripa se…….Naina throws water color on Karan. Karan shouts Naina. All the workers apply color on naina’s foot and respect her. Meghna says we shall also respect our Annapurna and asks Nand Kishore to take aarti plate.

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