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Swabhimaan 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 20th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina calling Meghna and asking for help. Meghna asks her to hear carefully and shares her plan. Nand Kishore comes to Naina calling her and asks her to get Khyati ready for engagement and asks her to clean Khyati’s mind and make her understand not to do drama infront of guest, as the matter is about their respect. He says she can’t wear those clothes which she is wearing her and asks Naina to make her wear clothes and jewellery which he brought.

Sandhya says I will make Khyati ready and don’t need Naina. She need someone who can explain to her what is right and wrong according to world’s perspective. Nand Kishore asks her not to worry and says he has chosen the right person. He asks Naina to make Khyati ready and till then he will handle Meghna. He asks Naina to make it clear that he don’t want to see anybody going against him. Khyati says how we will go and tells that guards are outside. Karan is in the room. Naina comes and asks Karan to understand. Karan asks her not to come infront of him. Naina says she won’t let this house become battlefield, and says this is not the solution.. She says I have no way, goes out and closes the door. Nand Kishore sees her locking the door and signs her good.

Naina calls Meghna and asks if they are doing wrong. Meghna says we are doing this for Khyati’s happiness and this is not work. She asks her to go to kitchen and make the arrangements, pretend as if everything is normal. Naina checks the time and thinks meghna will call now. She gives water to Dada ji. Dada ji says I am feeling helpless today. Dada ji says what he can do, he has calm down. Karan knocks on the door. Meghna calls Karan and asks him to bring Khyati to temple. Karan says they are locked by Naina. Meghna asks him not to panic and says fire alarm will ring and after that door will be opened. Karan says ok and tells Khyati. Nand Kishore asks the security guys to be careful and don’t let anyone come. He thinks he will see how Meghna will make Khyati elope.

Naina calls Meghna and says she is standing near the fire alarm holding the smoke pan, and soon fire alarm will ring. Meghna appreciates her for the plan. She says Vishal is coming here. Suddenly fire alarm rings, Nand Kishore and security come running down. Naina runs towards Khyati’s room, opens the lock and keeps the keys back.

Karan opens the door and asks Khyati to come. Nand kishore asks Security if fire broke out. Naina comes to hall now. Karan asks Khyati to come and says Bhabhi has managed. He takes Khyati out of room. Naina calls Meghna and says Karan is bringing Khyati now. Meghna says you have fulfilled your promise. Naina says I am nothing without you. Nand Kishore says everything is fine, then why did this fire alarm rang. He turns and sees guards standing. He asks who is outside Khyati’s room. They go to room. Meghna and Kunal take Khyati and Karan in their car as they were waiting back side of Chauhans house. Nand Kishore shouts Khyati. Meghna sees Khyati crying and asks her not to cry. She thinks she has fulfilled her promise and says Khyati will marry now.

Sharda is in stress. Asha throws the stuff and accuses her. Sharda asks her to calm down. Asha says you are big abshagun for me and says it is difficult for her to stay with her. She says how can you think of fixing Vishal’s alliance when his father is not here. She says I can’t kick you out, but will not talk to you anymore now. She says if you try to talk to me, then I will leave my husband’s house. She says she has sent Vishal to her brother’s house in Allahabad. She tells that Sawri told me about the happenings and that’s why I came there, she seems to be thankful to her. Sharda slaps Sawri and recalls her lie. She says I brought you here for your betterment and you tried to ruin my house. She says I will not leave you and will teach you Swabhimaan’s lesson. Kalpana smiles. Swabhimaan song plays…

Nand Kishore tells Naina that Meghna did the work, but how did she managed. Even Karan was in the room. Just then Servant comes and says guests have come. Nand Kishore goes to attend them. Dada ji tells Naina that don’t know how did this happen. Naina tells him that they helped Khyati to elope. Dada ji says I have no words to say, and tells that he just wants her happiness and is with them.


Swabhimaan 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna tells Karan and Kunal that one person helped them and rang the alarm to help them elope. Naina and Dada ji come there. Sandhya informs Nand Kishore that Naina helped Khyati to elope and now they are getting her married to Vishal in the temple. Nand Kishore reaches the temple with Police and sees marriage already done.

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