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Swabhimaan 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 21st April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Simar meeting Naina and asks why she is tensed. Naina says there is nothing. Simar says she can know seeing the face that a person is tensed. She says life’s confusion can be solved by sharing and asks her to tell. Naina tells that she is confused and is in dilemma as she has to compete with her sister for the competition. Simar tells that they have to do something and stand infront of family for their betterment. Naina thanks her and says she will remember her words. Simar blesses her. Karan takes Nirmala’s blessings. Naina sees him happy. She thinks everyone is happy for the final round, but I will face Di…Sharda comes. Naina hugs her. Sharda asks what happened? Host announces commencement of final round.

Naina asks how did you feel becoming Judge? Sharda says now I am a mum and asks what happened? She says it seems your mood is not good. Naina says I love you and Di much and can’t compete with her. Sharda says this competition….Naina says I am her reflection, her tail and had always walked two steps behind her. She says I want to become like her and don’t want to stand on the path where she is infront of me. Sharda says this is just competition and asks her not to think much. Naina says Meghna is her idol and she can’t compare herself with her, it will be an insult. Sharda says no and gets teary eyed.

Sharda says karan wants to participate and asks if Meghna asked you to back off. Naina says no and she wants me to win. Sharda says then why she is confused. She gives example of Mahabharat. Naina says I can’t compete with my Di. Meghna asks why? She says you have done so much for me, even marriage then why can’t competition. Naina says I can do anything for you, but can’t compete with you. Meghna hugs her and says the competition result will not affect us in any way. She asks her to take part in the competition with heart and asks her to promise. Naina promises her. Sharda prays for her children’s love.

Vishal and Khyati collide with each other. Khyati scolds him and asks him to move as she is going to wish her brother. Vishal asks whom? She asks you are supporting Meghna or Naina. Vishal says he is supporting Karan today. Khyati says really and get happy. Vishal says your smile is good and asks her to brush her teeth daily. Khyati gets upset. He goes.

Host announces the third and final round and says scores are important of this round and it will make best couple. He says both the couple have to dance on the same song, and can use any musical equipments and dance form. He begins the final round. Sharda asks Nirmala what happened? Nirmala says I haven’t done this before. How can I give less or more marks to our children. Sharda says you said right, and says you are a good woman and your goodness will help you do the right justice.

Naina comes to karan. Karan says I am thinking which dance form to choose. Naina says we have already decided. Karan says I want to win and the dance form which we have chosen will not make us win. He recalls his childhood incident. Meghna asks him to share. Naina says I have lost in my life. My family used to tell that I am no friends, and I started believing that defeat is my friend, but today I want to prove that it is my friend. Naina says I have an idea.

Host announces that first finalist is coming, Kunal and Meghna. Kunal and Meghna come and dances on the song Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani Suno….Karan and Naina are standing backstage and are tensed. Everyone claps for them.

Karan says I shouldn’t have listened to you. He says they have not come till now. Naina asks him to calm down. Karan says what we will tell that whatever we had planned couldn’t be done. Naina thinks to be silent else Karan will get upset. Naina calls someone and says they are coming. Karan asks her why she is interfering in his life and says you will make joke of yourself, I was better in my room. Host calls karan and naina. Karan says I wish you couldn’t have followed me. Meghna and Kunal come there, and wish them best. Naina thinks where are you, how we will perform without you.


Swabhimaan 22nd April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Karan and Naina perform on the same song, kids join them. Sandhya makes mirror reflection falls on him. Karan keeps hand on his eyes and sits down. Naina is shocked.

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