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Swabhimaan 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 21st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina telling that Sawri wanted to marry Karan and that’s why planned this, so that he gets married to her because of family reputation. Pushpa tells that they are accusing her daughter after ruining her respect. Meghna asks them to sit and says they have proof. She asks Kunal to play the pendrive. It shows Sawri wearing chunar and waiting for Karan. When he comes, Pushpa takes their pics and smiles. Meghna says you have photo shopped the pics, what you will do with the video. She says she understand that something is wrong seeing Naina and that’s why checked the CCTV camera checked. Kunal says we have accepted you and what you both have done. Sandhya thinks Pushpa will not be quiet now.

Nirmala thinks she don’t want her truth to come out through them. Nand Kishore asks Police to give them strict punishment. Dada ji sends Police saying he don’t want to file complaint. He asks Kunal to call guards and threatens them not to come near Chauhan house again. Sawri says I love Karan.

Naina says this is not love and says you got karan’s friendship, but you lost it. Sawri says she will tell the truth and is about to say, when Sandhya slaps her and tags tape on her mouth and on Pushpa’s mouth and ties their hands. Sawri manages to open the rope, takes the knife and attacks Kunal. His hand bleeds. Meghna gets concerned. Nand Kishore slaps Sawri and tapes her mouth. He tells Dada ji that he will get them arrested by the police. He tells them that he can forgive them for accusing Karan, but can’t forgive them for attacking Kunal. Sawri thinks he is threatening us for Kunal who is not his son. She tries to open the rope.

Karan tells Naina that he wanted to tell her, but he didn’t get the chance. Naina says she trusts him fully. She says she can stay without him, but don’t want to live without him. He says I have lost my heart to you, but now I can say that the heart is yours. Sawri opens the rope and tape from her mouth. Nand Kishore looks on.

Karan and Naina take rounds. Pandit ji says rounds are complete and asks them to sit. Sandhya thinks why Nand Kishore haven’t come till now. Nirmala thinks Sawri will not easily accept defeat. Pandit ji asks Karan to fill sindoor in her maang and make her wear mangalsutra. Karan obliges. Pandit ji declares them husband and wife.

Nand kishore comes back with Pushpa and Sawri and claps. Nirmala and Sandhya are shocked. Pushpa and Sawri smirks. Nand Kishore congratulates everyone. He says he will make the function more enjoyable and says one more marriage will happen after this. Everyone is shocked. Nand Kishore says Kunal and Sawri will marry. Everyone is shocked.


Swabhimaan 22nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand Kishore gets angry and says he don’t care if Kunal’s blood flows out as he is not his blood. Kunal is shocked and asks Nirmala. Nirmala cries badly. Kunal is shocked.

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