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Swabhimaan 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina talking to Karan. Oh Piya plays…Karan says class is finished. Rain starts. Karan asks her to take the umbrella. Naina says she will take umbrella from him when he don’t feel the need of having it and walks off. Meghna packs food for Naina. Nirmala says she will feed her. Nand Kishore asks Nirmala where is he taking tiffin and asks Servant to keep his tiffin in car. Servant says your tiffin is in car. Nirmala says Naina is in Jaipur and I am taking food for her. Nand Kishore says you knew this and you are going to give her tiffin rather than informing me. He says you will not go anywhere. Nirmala says I will go and says Naina is my daughter. Nand Kishore says you are my wife and these things don’t suit you. He asks her to decide, what she wants to be, stay in this house as his wife or go to meet Naina. He asks her to go to her room. Meghna hears them.

Nand Kishore raises his hand to hit Nirmala with tiffin box. Meghna comes and stops her hand and says food was about to fall down from your hand. Dada ji comes and says food shall not be insulted, as Maa Annapurna is everything. He appreciates Meghna for saving house’s values. He tells you did right. Nand Kishore asks Nirmala what is her values? Meghna thinks she wants Nirmala to take her own decisions. Dada ji asks her to decide herself, if she wants to go as a mum, or stop as a wife. Nand Kishore asks her to tell her decision. Meghna says you have to take a decision. Nirmala says I am Naina’s maa and will go to meet her. Meghna thinks Nirmala is changing because of Naina.

Naina gets ready and pretends to talk to Karan. She asks him to have bath. Karan is seen taking bath. Nirmala comes to Naina’s house and says she came to spend a beautiful day with her. She asks her to serve the plate. Just then Naina gets Asha’s call. She says you forgot me mami. Asha says I didn’t call you to hear this nonsense and asks her not to call at her house since she has kept bhagavat gita path. Naina gets sad. Asha cuts the call. Nirmala calls Asha and tells her that she is calling as Naina’s saas and asks her not to worry about her. Asha is upset. Nirmala asks her to serve the food.

Nirmala gets Sandhya’s call and she asks why did Naina stay back. Nirmala asks Naina to begin having food and tells her that Naina is fighting for her rights and says I have seen love in her eyes for Karan. Sandhya says Karan can’t touch her even by mistake. She says I came to Chittorgarh and your fear might come true. Sandhya tells her that Chittorgarh’s fear is resurfacing again as they have done bad with Naina. She says we have done bad with her. She asks her to send Naina back to Bundi, and asks her to make her understand somehow. She says we can’t ruin her life for our selfishness. There is no reason for Naina to stay here. Nirmala is shocked.


Swabhimaan 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Karan sits on his knees infront of meghna and asks her to return his Naina. He says he tried to stay away from her, but can’t. He says he can’t be happy without his love. Meghna is shocked. Nirmala asks Naina to go back to Bundi.

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