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Swabhimaan 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 22nd February 2017 Video Watch Online on

The Episode starts with everyone is sitting to have food. Khyati says she don’t eat such food. Vishal asks then how did she became fat? Kunal asks her to eat pulka. Karan tells that he has enough. Kalpana asks Karan if he knows Naina before marriage. Karan signs no. Kalpana says now a days girl and guy knows each other before marriage, but pretends as if they don’t know each know. It is a fashion to make love marriage as arranged one, and says you might be burden with responsibility overnight. He says you are fulfilling your responsibility well. Karan thinks these people have hopes with him and thinks this is the right time to tell everyone. He says I want to tell something. Sharda says even I want to say, but thought to tell after dinner. She thanks him for marrying Naina. He says you and Naina haven’t complain and have respected both families. She says if doli would have went empty, then our respect would have been ruined. She says I am happy that you both are my damads.

Kalpana tells Sharda that you have stopped him from speaking and then asks Karan to say. Sharda says his eyes are honest and he is a nice man.

Kalpana asks him to say? Karan thinks they have welcomed us nicely even after drama happening in marriage, and thinks they have hopes with these marriage. He says I wanted to tell you that your food is same as just our mom makes. Sharda gets touched and asks him to finish food. She makes him have food with her hand. Kunal asks if her love is for Karan only. Sharda says for both of you. She makes Kunal have food with her hand. Khyati comes to wash her hands and asks Vishal if they don’t have hand wash. Vishal says it is hygienic, and nothing will happen. He says I am a doctor and knows more hygiene than you. Sh e says she will not wash her hand with soap and asks him to bring something else. Vishal shows paper ashes and says it is hygienic. Khyati says how dare you and says she will complain to her dad. Vishal says no problem, I was slapped by him before. Khyati gets irritated and goes.

Sharda asks Khyati to stay in her house. Khyati says she can’t stay here and tells that she is not habitual to stay in these type of place. Meghna asks Sharda to let her go. Vaibhav asks Karan to stay with them. Sharda asks Karan to stay. Karan agrees. Kunal asks khyati to come and says I will drop you. Karan asks Khyati to call him after reaching home. Khyati says why you didn’t tell anything and that’s why you are good. She says bye to Meghna. Naina forwards her hand to greet her. Khyati ignores her and goes. Meghna thinks why she is showing attitude. Khyati goes. Vishal tells Naina that he has cleaned his room for them. Naina says it is not need. Gopal comes and takes him. Karan comes. Naina says everyone is jovial here.

Kunal asks meghna if he is upset with Khyati’s words and says she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Meghna says you are saying this from her perspective. She says this is my room and have many memories here. He says all these family members are mine, I can tell them anything or take out anger on them. She says whatever happened during our marriage. Kunal asks her to take out her anger and says I will not leave you until you calm down. He asks her not to let her anger stays inside. Meghna cries hugging him and thinks she can’t forget Sharda’s humiliation.

Naina asks Karan not to go from here and says Vishal have vacated this room for us, and asks him to stay there. Karan asks with which right you are saying this? Naina says with the same right with which you talked to mamma etc. He looks on.


Swabhimaan 23rd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Naina tells Karan that she will not let him go out and is about to close the door when Meghna comes and hears them. She gets inside the room and asks Naina what Karan was saying. Naina hugs him and tells that Karan don’t accept this marriage. Meghna is shocked.

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