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Swabhimaan 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Karan coming to Meghna’s room. Meghna asks him to come inside. Karan bends down infront of her and says I want to ask you something. He says Naina is in Jaipur and bearing the hardship for me, she don’t want me to become old Karan. He says I am not locked in room, but came here well dressed for Naina. He says he can’t live without Naina and asks her to give Naina to him. Nirmala cries. Naina asks whose call it was. Nirmala asks her to agree and return to Bundi.. Naina is shocked. Sandhya thinks she has to convince Nirmala to send Naina, so as to hide her years long truth. Karan tells Meghna that he can’t live without Naina and asks her to give Naina to him. Meghna thinks about Sandhya’s words that Karan’s illness is air borne.

Naina tells Nirmala that she is staying here to save her relation with her husband. Nirmala asks whom you are fooling and says that relation can’t step ahead of friendship and says you can’t break the wall between each other. She says don’t make things difficult for me, I will bring car, get ready with your stuff. Meghna tells Karan that she can’t help him, and says Naina is more to me than my own life. She says I can give my life, but not Naina. She says your feelings have changed for her, but not your illness. It is impossible to become a husband for you, and you can’t hold her hand until you holds this umbrella. She says you have to choose between your umbrella and Naina. She says if you wants to be with Naina then you have to leave this umbrella and be fine for Naina. Naina is thinking about Nirmala asking her to return to Bundi.

Karan gets up and tells that he is afraid of life without Naina. He says he wants only Naina’s hand in his hand and says he wants to be fine for her. He leaves the umbrella. Naina packs her stuff and thinks about Karan. She thinks if Maa asked me to go then there must be some reason.

Nirmala prays to God and says don’t know how she will bid adieu to Naina. Sandhya calls Nirmala and asks did you tell Naina to go back to Bundi. Nirmala says she told her and asks now there will be no bad. Sandhya says Pushpa has woken up. Nirmala faints hearing this and recalls Nurse telling her that she did wrong.

CM tells Sharda that he noticed that she is worried and asks her to share her worries. Sharda tells that Naina is staying separately from her inlaws, but everyone is raising doubt on my upbringing. CM says if she permits him then he will put that person in jail. He says you are an ideal woman and have given a good upbringing to your daughters, and your husband must be very proud of you, but there is one thing wrong and says you are emotional. Sharda thanks him. CM asks him to send achaar for him and says he felt that smell when he came there. Meghna and Kunal take Nirmala to room. Meghna asks what she was saying? Kunal says he will call doctor. Nirmala asks him to sit and thinks this thing can ruin Naina and Karan’s life.

Naina sees the idol which Meghna gifted her. Karan knocks on the door. Naina opens the door and smiles. Karan says I came to take you home…Naina. Naina stops him and says you asked me to leave from house. Karan says I did a mistake and hurt you, says sorry and asks her to come. Naina says you hurt me and says again if you ask me to go then what I will do. She says relations don’t work like this and asks for whom I shall go. Karan asks him to come for family. Naina says family wants her to go back. Karan says Dada ji misses you and asks her to return for him. Naina says Dada ji asked me to go and said he has no reason to stop me. She holds his hand through umbrella and makes him go out. She says I am going back to Bundi. Karan is shocked.


Swabhimaan 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand kishore tells Naina that Karan told that he is not completely fine and says he will give her 15 days to make him fine. He says if you makes him fine fully then we will accept you as his wife, and if you fail then we will give your seat to someone else. Naina accepts his condition.