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Swabhimaan 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 22nd September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vishal and Khyati’s marriage. Vishal fills sindoor on Khyati’s maang. Nand Kishore reaches there with Police. Pandit ji says Chauhan Nand Kishore asks if marriage happened here. Pandit ji says yes and they went. Nand Kishore asks how can you get the marriage done without a father. He tells Inspector that he asked him to come fast, but you didn’t listen. He gets broken and sits down. He recalls Sandhya’s words that Dada ji and Nirmala blessed Vishal and Khyati.

Nand Kishore is shattered and comes home. Everyone is present at home. Dada ji asks him to bless Khyati and asks him to leave his anger for her happiness. He asks him to bless them. Khyati goes near Nand Kishore with Vishal. They bend down and touch his feet. Nand Kishore kicks Vishal and makes him fall down. Dada ji shouts. Nand Kishore says if you say anything then I will forget that you are my father. He says these two girls is your biggest mistake, since the time they stepped in the house, they ruined it.

Karan asks him not to say this. Nand Kishore tells that Kunal and Karan have become mannerless since they came. He tells that their saas taught them lying, plotting and planning who is betraying him since 25 years. Khyati tells that she loves Vishal and it is not of Meghna and Naina’s mistake. Nand Kishore says you were very small when I brought you home, I didn’t know that you will do this. He accuses Sharda’s teaching. Meghna asks him not to tell anything about their mum. Naina says we shall clear the misunderstandings. Nand Kishore says he trusted her a lot blindly and she betrayed him. Kunal says Dad. Nand Kishore says he is not his father and if he wants he can take out his anger on him.

He tells Dada ji that as he wants to lead a peaceful life, he is kicking everyone out. He asks everyone to go. Dada ji cries and says today is first day of navratri and you are asking them to go. Everything will be ruined, don’t let the women of the house go, stop them. Kunal holds Nirmala’s hand and asks her to come. He signs Vishal and Khyati to come. They leave the house. Meghna also step out of house.

Naina and Karan are also leaving. Dada ji asks Nand Kishore to stop them and says my house will get vacant now. Naina gives keys to Karan and asks her to take care of Papa and dada ji. Karan says how can you think that I can stay without you. Why you are punishing me, wherever you go, I will come with you. Naina says I know this is not easy, but someone has to stay here. Dada ji is broken seeing us leaving, and Papa is in pain. She asks him to take care of them. Karan says ok, I will take care of them, but I get stuck then you will come naa, and asks her to promise that she will support him always. Naina promises him. Sandhya thinks you asked me to leave, now all your family is out. She thinks this is the start of her revenge. Naina steps out of house, electricity goes off. Dada ji shouts and cries saying lakshmis left house, my house have been streeheen/womenless.


Swabhimaan 23rd September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand Kishore sees the wood kept for last rites in his house by the goons and asks who are they. One of the goon lift him and make him lie down on the wood/pyre. Nand Kishore is shocked.

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