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Swabhimaan 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 23rd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Sandhya tells Kunal he is her son. Kunal pushes her away and points at Nirmala saying she is his mother. Everyone cried badly. Kunal says when Sandhya is in pain, he feels bad but when Nirmala is hurt he feels the pain. Her tears even hurt him today, he asks Nirmala not to cry. He says when Nirmala is hungry, he loses his appetite. Masi Maa is like Maa, not maa. There is only one mother and that is Nirmala for him. Sandhya hugs him while Kunal complains that Sandhya handed his son to someone else like a toy. He moves backward and fell over the floor, distorted.

Nand Kishore complains that he was betrayed but tears fell off the two ladies here. He questions Sandhya if this is how she repaid to their trust. He wonders why complaint her, she is an outsider already. It hurts when someone very own betrays, he says Nirmala’s true face has been revealed to everyone today. Dada ji stops him but Nand Kishore asks him to think in his place. His wife has betrayed him.

Nirmala goes to hold Dada ji’s feet and apologizes him. He holds Nirmala up and says he couldn’t be a good father, daughters share everything with their father but she didn’t share with him. He says he and Nand Kishore are both culprit to Nirmala, Nand Kishore always broke her courage. He always intrigued her, intimated her and never respected her. He was her side but could never stop him, when a woman comes to a new house she hopes for love and respect. If man always insults her, she can never speak truth. What happened 25 years ago should not have, he can see himself in place of Nirmala who hid a huge truth. Even today he is insulting and disgracing her.

Naina and Karan advocate Nirmala. Nand Kishore tells them to stop this, he has been badly betrayed. He tells Nirmala he can never forgive nor forget her for this sin. She must be punished for this. From today, she is no more his wife. Nirmala fells over the ground, shattered. Sharda says to Nand Kishore that some relations are joint at heart, and not by blood. He loved Kunal all his life. Dada ji announces Kunal is still Chauhan’s son, he bears their brought up, their ethics. They share a hearty relation. Nand Kishore tells him to prove this. He must prove that he is a Chauhan. They must be curious how Savri is related to Kunal’s birth, Sandhya promised this to Pushpa. He promised Savri that she will be a daughter in law of Chauhan’s family, it’s a son’s duty to keep the promise of a father. He comes to hold Kunal by arm. Kunal held Meghna’s hand. He asks Kunal to leave Meghna and marry Savri. If he abides by this, nothing would change.


Swabhimaan 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna tells Kunal that she frees him from her love, he must tell Nand Kishore tomorrow that he accepts his condition. The next morning, Nand Kishore asks Kunal what he decided.

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