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Swabhimaan 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Swabhimaan 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina telling Karan that she is going to Bundi tomorrow and closes the door. Karan knocks on the door and asks her to open.. He says you can’t go to Bundi and asks her to return for Meghna, Kunal, else atleast for him. Naina stops hearing him. He says even I want to get fine, and can’t become fine without you. He asks her to make him fine. Oh Piya plays…..Naina gets emotional and happy. She opens the door and asks what did you say? Karan says return home for me. Naina says you took so much time to say this. He lifts her in his arms and swirls…..Oh Piya plays……They look happily at each other.

Khyati and Kunal bring kalash to welcome them as Karan brings Naina home. Meghna brings Nirmala to hall. Dada ji asks Nainan to kick the kalash and enter home happily. Khyati says I misbehaved with you last time during your grah pravesh and says today I am welcoming you with good heart. Naina smiles. Nirmala does her aarti. Naina tells Naina that she didn’t return Bundi and came here, as her husband wants to be fine. She asks Nirmala to give her strength that she makes him fine. She touches her feet and takes her blessings.

Nand Kishore asks with whose permission you came here. Dada ji says she don’t need anyone’s permission and says this is her house and she came back with her husband. She says my grand son corrected her mistake. Nand Kishore asks Naina with which relation she is returning here. He asks if she came here as Meghna’s sister or Karan’s wife. Everyone is shocked. Nand Kishore asks can you give grand son or grand daughter to our family. Dada ji asks what nonsense? Nand Kishore says this question is important and asks her to reply. He asks this bag will go to whose room. Meghna’s room or Karan’s room. If you really want to become Karan’s wife or have any doubt still.

Karan says I am unwell still and …Meghna says we all will wait till you get fine and tells Nand Kishore that he will be fine. Nand Kishore says he is enemy of himself and no doctor could treat him. If he gets fine, then it will be a miracle. Kunal says no Doctor said that he will never get fine and says Naina is with him as will treat him. Nand Kishore says Naina returned here as Karan’s nurse. Kunal says what you are saying? Nand kishore says she was working as his nurse till now. He calls Ramdeen and asks him to bring calendar. He tells Naina that he will give her 15 days to make Karan fine completely, and says if could make him fine completely, then we will accept you as his wife, else you have to leave silently. Naina is shocked.

Nand Kishore says I will explain to you in your engineering language. And says if you don’t pass in this test then we will give Karan’s wife seat to some other girl. He says you have less time. He asks can you treat him in 15 days and accepts my condition. Sandhya comes there and thinks what he is talking about? Karan looks on. Nand Kishore asks her to win the seat or else vacate it. Sandhya smirks and thinks he made my work easy to make Pushpa peaceful.

Dada ji asks Nand Kishore to stop it and says what you are saying seat seat and says nobody talks about the family as seat etc. Nand Kishore says they have not concerned with family, and says they are teacher’s daughters. Dada ji feels pity on Nand Kishore for crossing the limits. Naina says Papa is right and says you are elder and knows better. She says I came here as Karan’s wife and couldn’t fulfill my duty as a wife. She says time has come to fulfill my duty, I accept your condition. Dada ji is shocked.

Meghna says Karan has decided that he wants to be fine, and Naina is with him, and says where there is a courage, there is a win. Kunal says we all are with him, this time he will fight with his illness and will win too. Dada ji blesses Naina and Meghna. He asks Meghna to take Naina to room. Nand Kishore asks where you are taking her, and says you will not take her to your room, and shall not take her to Karan’s room also, as only his wife will go to his room. Kunal says dad please. Nand Kishore says Naina have to stay here as a nurse.


Swabhimaan 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand Kishore calls everyone and tells that Naina’s 1 day have passed and 14 days are remaining. Pushpa calls Sandhya and reminds of her condition. Sandhya assures her and thinks Naina can never treat Karan in 15 days and then she will leave.