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Swabhimaan 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Karan asking Naina why did she stay with him even after knowing about his illness. He says this is a pity for a helpless man. Naina asks him not to use such words and says you are not helpless and says this illness is not so big, and you feel pity on yourself. He says you have made yourself aloof from each other and made it big. He says if you get yourself treated then you will be fine. Karan says you think that I haven’t get treatment. He says he is scared not to lie down on her mum’s lap fearing injection, and don’t touch his Dada ji’s feet. He says I couldn’t do hi five with my sister and couldn’t thank Sandhya when she applies ointment on my skin. Naina says you are a good human and that’s why you have opened the ghatbandhan as you want to free me from your illness.

She says you thought me weak to get afraid of a mere illness. Oh Piya Plays…….Karan hears her and goes. Naina is in the storeroom. Keys falls down from her hand. She bends down to get the keys which went under the table. She is shocked to see organic color packets there. She asks who have kept these colors here hidingly. She calls Servant and asks who have opened the store room. Servant says Sandhya. Naina thinks if Sandhya changed the colors.

Sandhya scolds servant and asks him to clean store room and says Karan might catch infection. She then calls someone and asks to send Karan’s medicine which she said. Naina hears her and thinks she loves Karan a lot and thinks may be someone else is behind the conspiracy.

Nirmala thinks about Nand Kishore’s words and tells Meghna that Kunal haven’t come till now. Meghna asks her not to cry and show her strong side to everyone. She asks her to show confidence on her face and come. Sandhya tells Nand Kishore that she will give project file to him and will take from Kunal. Nand Kishore says yes, you said right, now I have to take help of you people to talk to him. He says don’t know who is teaching Kunal all these things. Kunal comes and greets his mum. He says good morning to Nand Kishore and asks him to check the notes which he made. Nand Kishore is surprised. Kunal says sorry and says I was avoiding you as I haven’t read this file, and I know you are strict about your work. Nand Kishore asks him to sit and asks Nirmala to serve her son. Kunal says mom will do breakfast with us, and makes her sit. Nirmala thanks him. Swabhimaan song plays…….Naina thinks Meghna made everything right.

Servants bring old newspapers from the store room. Sandhya tells that she is getting the newspaper removed so that Karan don’t catch infection. Kunal says you take care of everyone and says I love you. Sandhya says even I love you all. Meghna brings wet newspaper and tells that Kunal read newspaper in bathroom. Sandhya says it is common in big houses. Meghna tells that newspaper is not needed in our house and tells that all newspaper is available on our mobile and says it can be useful in our business also. Sandhya asks her not to interfere. Meghna says I told you as I thought you are smart and knows about it. She says I shall leave for office now. Kunal says even I will leave. Nand Kishore calls Meghna and asks her to show what she was saying? Meghna says okay and goes towards him. Sandhya is surprised. Meghna shows e paper to Nand Kishore. Nand Kishore says it is a wonderful thing, now I don’t need newspaper with me, I can read it online. Meghna thinks Nand Kishore will not depend on Sandhya anymore and will realize Nirmala’s importance.

Naina makes something for Karan. Khyati comes and sees the diet plan. She asks her why she is acting to be concerned for Karan and takes plate from her hand and throws on floor. Nirmala comes. Khyati asks her to go to Bundi. Nirmala asks how did you insult food and asks her to pick it up and apologize to God. Sandhya says she is Karan’s sister and that’s why got angry. She says almost Karan’s life would have gone. Khyati finds tomato in Karan’s food and shows to Nirmala. Nirmala says why did you add it. Naina says I asked….Sandhya says Karan don’t have tomato and he has a special diet. Naina tells that she talked to vishal and he said that tomato is good for him. She is about to throw the food and says we can’t experiment with him. Naina stops her and says she wants to lower his pain. She tells Nirmala that her concern is genuine for Karan and he will be fine soon. She asks Nirmala to let her feed Karan. Khyati asks why you are listening to her. Naina says it is my agni pariksha and asks her to permit her. Nirmala says we can’t permit you. Naina thinks I have to do this even though you refused. I have to do this and seeks God’s support.

Meghna talks to Mr. Jain about work. He tells that her husband will get angry if he gives her work. Meghna tells that she knows what Ms. Singhania asked him to do, and asks him to answer Chairman. Jain gets shocked. Later Naina checks the medicines which karan takes and says it is all expired. She thinks if Sandhya ordered expired medicines for him intentionally as she never do any mistake.

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