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Swabhimaan 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 24th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Nand Kishore what he is saying, why he is asking Kunal to give test to prove his love for family, and says Kunal jiju is married to Meghna. Nand Kishore says he will leave her and will marry Sawri if he wants his old life and Chauhan’s name. Meghna says Papa…how can you…she then thinks she has to think about Kunal. Nand Kishore says I am done with it, now everything depends on his decision. Dada ji cries and says hey ram. Meghna holds his hand, he brushes her hand. Everyone is shocked. Asha tells Kalpana that this is sanskari people and these things are normal for them, and says lets see what Sharda will do now. Karan tells Kunal that truth will not change that you will be elder son of the family. Kunal pushes him too.

Sawri goes behind Nand kishore and tells that she wants to marry Karan and not Kunal, asks him to fix everything. Nand Kishore asks who are you and says you came from gutter her and asks her to mend her ways. He says Karan got married just now and asks her to marry Kunal and be happy.
Kunal goes to room and cries thinking about Nand Kishore’s words and condition. He recalls his marriage with Meghna. Pushpa says if he don’t agree then. Nand Kishore says he will agree for sure, might be sad or cry but will agree till morning and says Chauhan house is like that, just see yourself, everyone wants to get connected with Chauhan house. Sawri asks how did you know? Nand Kishore asks him to go and do jashn till morning. Kunal in room cherish about his childhood memories and cries. Everyone knock on the door and asks him to open the door. Dada ji asks him to open the door.

Nirmala, Meghna ask him to open the door. He hugs family pic and cries. He takes out his turban, looks at the childhood sketch with Nand Kishore and family and rubs his own sketch. Karan goes to his room climbing through balcony. He is about to open the door. Kunal stops him and says I wants to be alone for sometime. Karan says let them come inside, he says he can’t talk like Dada ji and can’t talk peaceful like Sharda, and says he learnt from his disease and says when everyone come to him, he will feel peace. Everyone come inside. Meghna hugs him. Kunal says he don’t want to see sympathy on everyone’s faces. Nirmala holds his hand. Kunal asks her to go, and falls on her feet. They both cry. Kunal says I don’t want to tell anything and says a mum understand a son without knowing anything, and says only you are my mum. Nirmala nods yes. Dada ji says we just want to say….Kunal says I know you all are worried for me. He says what I have lost today, don’t make me remind it again and again. Sandhya goes from his room silently. Dada ji asks everyone to come and says we shall give sometime to him. He takes Nirmala with him. Kunal asks Meghna to go also.

Meghna says she will sit silently there. Kunal says not today and asks her to go. she goes out. He is about to close the door, but seeing Sandhya, he stops. Sandhya comes inside the room. He calls her maasi maa. Sandhya asks her to call him Maa once. Kunal calls her Maasi maa and thanks her for doing much for him, but I have just one mum, ie, Nirmala. Sandhya says she has sacrificed for her son, and for her best friend. She says Nirmala got best son and that son got love of two mums. She says whatever I have done is for your better future. She says today a mum is asking you something and asks him to agree to Nand Kishore’s condition and get his feet moved to the rights. Kunal says if you had understood me then you wouldn’t have said this. He says no mum would want his son’s home to break and says my mum didn’t give me this values. Sandhya says you are not understanding me. Kunal says I have understood one thing, you are not my mum, you can’t be my mum. Sandhya says I have done this for you. He holds her hand and makes her go out. He closes the door and cries recalling Nand Kishore’s condition.


Swabhimaan 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna asks Naina to say that it is a lie and says you would have told me if you had known this truth. Naina says Sawri is saying truth. Meghna slaps her. Sharda looks on. Kunal comes wearing simple clothes and touches Nand Kishore’s feet. He asks what did you decide? Kunal looks on.

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