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Swabhimaan 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina bringing green tea for Karan. Karan throws the green tea and asks her to take her cup. He says I don’t want people feeling pity on me. He says you took my words as challenged and says whatever you wants can’t happen. Naina asks what do I want and says what do you think that I am doing this because I love you, no…She says I don’t love you. She says they have a relation without any expectations and feels his pain. She says you don’t accept this marriage, but this is truth of my life and I am just fulfilling my duty. Karan says nobody can love me and tells that due to his illness, nobody will and says he don’t want to give his illness to anybody even by mistake and asks her to stay far from him. Naina takes the tray….Tu Pyaar Hai plays…………….Naina thinks now she shall see what happens.

CM shows the hospital plan and tells that if Vishal like doctors agrees to work then he will open these hospital. Sharda thanks him for liking Vishal’s proposal. CM says he befriends from heart. Sharda says we have just met. CM says you have not given any name to our relation and anything can be written on a blank paper and any color can be filled. Sharda looks on surprised. Vishal comes. CM shows the hospital plan. Vishal says it is good. Naina stands outside Karan’s room and says she will not give food to Karan. She pretends to talk to servant. Karan thinks with whom she is talking to, she will cry, but can’t hurt anyone. Naina smiles and tells that she is doing this for last time. Karan asks her to take it and says when I don’t have tea why would I have food. Naina says I asked Maa not to cook food, but she didn’t listen. She is about to take the food and thinks why he is not stopping me. Karan stops her and asks if this is cooked by maa. He takes trolley inside and asks her to go. Naina smiles. She thinks Karan took the food and asks God not to let him have any reaction as she added tomatoes in it. Karan have food.

Meghna asks Mr. Jain when he will send files. Jain says if we give you work then your husband will get angry on me. Meghna says I know that Ms. Singhania gave you instructions. She tells that she is a topper and can figure out about his intention. She says you have to answer Chairman now. Jain asks her to work on a project. Meghna thanks him.

Nirmala asks Karan if he have food. He says yes and asks her not to move, and thanks her without touching him. Nirmala asks what is the matter? Karan says today’s food was so good that I came to kiss your hand. Nirmala says I didn’t make food. Naina tells that she have made his food and tells that she added tomatoes in it and that he is fine. She says I am his wife and will not let anything happen to him. Karan goes. Nirmala tells that she is happy as she is with him, and says he needs his wife’s support. Naina comes to room and forwards her hand. Karan recalls saying to Nirmala that he wants to kiss her hand. He gets shy and goes. Naina asks him to thank her atleast and smiles. She thinks atleast he liked the food which I made. She sees the drawer open and finds Karan’s medical report. She locks the room and sends reports pics to Vishal. She then takes his medicine’s pics and sends to Vishal. She notices that the medicine which Karan is taking is expired and thinks how they might be affecting on body. She thinks Sandhya takes care of his medicines and ordered medicines today also. She thinks he takes expired medicines daily.

She hears Sandhya talking to Karan and telling that she made organic clothes for him with soft fabric. She thinks she loves Karan a lot. Vishal calls her and tells that he saw his report. He tells that they have to find out why he is stressed and asks him to keep him away from the things which irritates skin, and tells that these things are contagious. He asks her to be careful. Naina tells him that Karan don’t touch anybody and asks him not to worry. She thinks to clear his misunderstanding.

Sandhya suggests a college for Khyati. Meghna asks her not to take admission in that college and tells about the scandal which happened 2 years back. She says it is on internet. Khyati checks on internet and says Bhabhi is right. Nand Kishore gets impressed and tells Sandhya that Meghna is quite intelligent. Sandhya is irked.

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