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Swabhimaan 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Nand kishore telling that when Naina has come back as Karan’s nurse then she has to stay in Servant’s room. He says she will not get wife’s rights and asks to keep her stuff in Servant’s room. Everyone is shocked. Dada ji blames himself for his upbringing and says I would had punished you in childhood and would have kept you under control. He says now listen to my decisions, he says Naina will stay in the house with full respect, although she stays in the guest room, but she will be part of the family. He asks Meghna to take Naina to room. Nand Kishore says you have kept the right with yourself for selecting bahus, but I want to remind you that these bahus are mine and I can keep any condition and you can’t tell anything. He walks off. Sandhya looks on. Everyone is upset.

Meghna and Naina talk to Sharda. Naina says Karan brought her back and asked her to come or him. Sharda says your Swabhimaan have won and asks her not to make her Swabhimaan as Abhimaan. Meghna says there is some thing and tells that Nand Kishore kept condition for Naina. Sharda asks what?

Sandhya tells Nirmala that Pushpa haven’t kept quiet since 25 years and she has a condition on which she agreed, and sent money every month. Nirmala asks why did you hide such a big thing from me. Sandhya says I don’t want to trouble you. Nirmala says we would have faced the past that time only and gets worried.

Naina says I can’t stay in the house if Karan don’t get fine in 15 days. Sharda asks why they are losing strength and tells poem of an ant who don’t stop from reaching its destination although it falls down many times from the wall. Karan hears them and smiles.

Nirmala says she tried to send Naina back, but she returned for Karan. Even he is happy and feeling peace. She says don’t know why did Pushpa return after 25 years. Sandhya promises her not to get scared and says she was our school friend and I will handle her, asks her to go and rest.

Karan come and sits beside Naina. He says he is feeling good and it seems his life is back. Meghna says you are happy as Naina is with you. He gets up and sits beside Meghna and says now I am seated beside you. Sharda asks him to get fine and come home. Kunal comes and shows the gold medal. Karan gets emotional.

Sandhya talks to Jharoka and says she couldn’t tell truth to Nirmala. She says she will fulfill Pushpa’s condition for sure and says Naina can’t treat Karan even in 15 births, and is destined to leave this house.

Karan tells that he hates this thing and says his hand are shaken up and he feels disturbed. Kunal asks him to face the past and all the things which used to disturb him and reminds of Vishal’s words. He says I know this medal is deserved by you. A fb is shown, Karan is about to win, but because of Sandhya, he loses and falls down. Nand Kishore scolds Karan and makes Kunal wear the medal. Fb ends. Kunal gives medal to Karan. Karan gets teary eyes.

Nand Kishore hits the big bell and calls everyone. Dada ji asks what is happening. Nand Kishore says this bell will teach discipline to everyone and will remind us how many days are left for Naina here. Everyone looks at him. He asks why you are looking at me and says I want Karan to get fine as soon as possible. He says school starts in this house and Naina’s test too. Sandhya smirks. Everyone is upset.

Karan gets disturbed and goes to his room. He close the door and gets scared. Naina comes and makes him wear medal. She touches his face covering her hands with her dupatta She says whenever you get disturbed by any noise then recite some poem, mantra etc. Karan asks can I take your name. Naina Naina Naina. Naina says bell is rang, we have to start for today’s preparation.

Pushpa calls Sandhya. Sandhya asks why you called me. Pushpa says here it is raining. Sandhya says if this is a joke and says I will fulfill my promise. Pushpa asks her not to fool her and threatens her politely. Sandhya says we have played together in school. Pushpa says even now you are playing with me and reminds of her condition. Sandhya assures to fulfill her condition and asks her to have trust. She thinks karan can’t be fine in 15 days and then Naina have to leave from here.


Swabhimaan 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand Kishore throws the file and asks Kunal what is this? Nirmala asks what happened? Nand Kishore says a son have taught sacrifice lesson to his father. Dada ji asks him to tell clearly. Nand Kishore tells him that Kunal has transferred organic foods company shares on Karan’s name. Everyone is shocked. Meghna smiles.

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