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Swabhimaan 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sharda telling Asha that this is her bahu. Asha asks her to stay away. Vishal says this is wrong, whatever you did. Asha says now you will tell me what is wrong and right. She says my right is to search good bahu, but you have snatched my rights and did a big kand. Asha tells Khyati that she will not forget the slap. She tells that your dad slapped my son and today I slapped you, calculation is equal now. Asha says I will give curse you and not bless you. She says everything will be ruined in that house. A few bikers get in Chauhan’s house. Asha says I won’t let you enter the house.

Nand Kishore asks someone switch on the lights and open the generator. He sees pyre in his house and calls security. Nand Kishore asks the man who is he? Who let him come inside and holds his hand. The man pushes him on the pyre and says he is Shiva, place of stay Crematorium ground, and chittorgarh. Nand Kishore says so you are the one. Shiva presses his neck and asks him to listen to him. Nirmala comes to the temple and sees dada ji there. Dada ji says he was feeling suffocated and that’s why came here. He tells that a big sin happened in his house, and says he is getting havan done. Nirmala says she is much worried for Nand Kishore.

Shiva says his work is to burn the dead bodies and sometimes of alive people. He asks for the land. Nand Kishore refuses to go. Shiva pours kerosene oil on him. Sandhya peeps in there silently. Nand Kishore says you can’t do this. Shiva gives him two options, asks him to leave the land or second death. Nand Kishore says I can’t you that land. They say Ram Naam Satya Hai. Sandhya thinks to call police, then thinks it can be advantageous for her. He does the last rites which a son does for his dead father. He says house is yours, and you will die here Nand Kishore refuses to sign.

Shiva is about to light the pyre. Chauha family do the havan in the temple. The firelight is set off. Nand Kishore says I am ready to sign. Shiva smiles. Sandhya calls someone and tells that Shiva came here to get Nand Kishore’s signatures related to Chittorgarh property. She thinks she got the mohra who can help her take revenge from Nand Kishore. Shiva gets his signatures, wears coat and leaves. Karan and Dada ji come home and see the goons leaving. Dada ji says what this man was doing in our house. They go inside the house and see the pyre. Security guards stands tensedly. Nand Kishore is seated on floor in deep shock. Dada ji run to him and asks what happened to him. Nand Kishore hugs him being scared.


Swabhimaan 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sandhya tells Shiva that she wants to scare all Chauhan family and needs his help in that.

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