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Swabhimaan 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dada ji asking Nand kishore who was that man. Nand Kishore says he was gutter insect, who threatened him, but he didn’t get scared of him and asks him to leave. He says something happened so fast that I don’t realize what I was doing. He says for the first time, I thought I couldn’t see you people again. Karan asks him to tell what happened? Nand Kishore says that goon came to meet me for that crematorium ground land. Dada ji says I told you not to talk about that land, he made our house as shamshaan.

Karan says he will call Police. Nand kishore says no and says his reputation will be gone. Dada ji asks him to call grah lakshmi’s back. Nand Kishore says he can’t hear anything and is fully tired. Dada ji asks Karan to call Kunal. Karan calls Kunal. Dada ji cries and asks Kunal to come home with all family members. Kunal asks if you are not fine and says he will ask Karan to take him to hospital. Kunal says Dad will not like it. Dada ji says I am still alive and will decide. Kunal says if you want this, then we will be returning home.

Asha asks Sharda if her Swabhimaan was not hurt when she mortgaged her jewellery. She curses the day when she let her stay in the house and says don’t know why did I hug you that day. Sharda says it was your loveand says she wants to give same love to Sawri and teach her Swabhimaan. Asha asks her not to lie and says you brought Sawri here to keep her away from your son in laws. Sharda says you couldn’t understand me even after so many years. Asha asks her to leave from her house and pushes her. Sawri holds Sharda and asks Asha why did she push her maayi.

Asha says yes, I did push her. I will kick you both. Sawri says your courage is increased, takes something and runs to beat her. Sharda stops Sawri. Asha asks Sharda to handle her. Sawri hugs Sharda and says my own mum haven’t spent even 100 Rs. on me and you have mortgaged your jewellery for me. She says I have done so much and tried to ruin Meghna and Naina’s life, but…you. Sawri says you never lost your courage to make me better and asks her to think that she is changed for better. She warns Asha and goes.

Nand kishore recalls asking everyone to leave. Dada ji tells Karan that his eyes will sparkle once his bahus come back. He asks Nirmala, Naina and Meghna to kick the kalash and get inside. They kick Kalash and get inside. Electricity comes back just as they enter. Dada ji apologizes to them for disrespecting them. He welcomes them with tilak and aarti. Kunal hugs Dada ji. Dada ji says today his maan, Swabhimaan and Abhimaan have returned.

He says our God got upset with us since you all left and asks them to handle their house. Nirmala lights the lamp. Sandhya comes and says Kunal, she hugs him and says my son is back to me. Kunal says I came back for my family. Sandhya says this is not your family, don’t know what Nand kishore will do. Nirmala tells Sandhya that you had done a big favor on me by giving Kunal to me, and asks her not to make Kunal go away from this house and says he is my son.

Sandhya says she wants to show mirror to him that he is not Chauhan. Karan says he is more Chauhan than me. Sandhya says I will see who will melt down first. Dada ji asks Nirmala to do shuddhi of the house. Nirmala plays veena. Nand kishore hears the music and come out of his room. Nirmala stops playing veena. Nand Kishore asks what happened, why did you stop? Play it. Everyone is surprised.


Swabhimaan 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sandhya talks to the guy Shani or Shakti and asks him to put Nand kishore’s ego on the pyre and says she will lit the fire.

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