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Swabhimaan 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Meghna scolding Sawri for ruining her life. Sharda tells Pushpa that she did wrong with her daughter’s life and asks her to handover Sawri to her and says she will make her fine and will take her to Bundi. Kunal gets emotional and tells Karan that he is sure that he will take care of everyone and asks Khyati to concentrate on studies. Sharda says she will give good teachings to Sawri which she gave to her daughters. Meghna and Naina are shocked. Sharda thinks she has to do this for her daughters. Sawri refuses to go with Sharda. Sharda asks her to either come with her to Bundi or go to jail. Sawri agrees. Sharda tells Pushpa that everyone will have good qualities, I will teach her good values, Swabhimaan, woman’s respect, etc and then she will choose her own way.

Karan says you want to say that we are not your siblings. He says we used to fight in childhood, but my love never got less for you then and even now after truth revelation. Kunal asks him to calm down and says everyone will answers. Karan asks Meghna to make him understand and says you both can go like this. Meghna is silent. Karan says how did I forget that she is his wife and will agree to his sayings. He says if you have decided that we are nothing to you then its ok, we have no right to stop you. He tells Naina that Kunal said that he is not his bro and cries.

Dada ji tells Nand Kishore that Kunal is Nirmala’s son for them like Kausalya is Krishna’s mum. He asks him to stop Kunal and says this is your old father’s request. Nand Kishore gets emotional, but says he won’t change his decision and asks him to tell Kunal to leave. Nirmala cries and tells Naina that although she asked her to tell truth to everyone, but she didn’t tell and the truth came out in wrong way. Naina gives her strength. Sawri hears them and thinks she will tell truth to everyone and this way give Guru dakshina to Sharda.

Naina says she doesn’t know what to do. Sharda asks her to do bahu dharm. Meghna asks what she shall do now. Sharda asks her to do patni dharm as Kunal needed her the most now. She says these trouble time will end soon. Sawri comes and claps, asks Sharda to tell if these sisters lie to each other. Meghna says she is just our mamma. Naina asks her why you are taking her to Bundi. Sawri says I am not devil or liar like you. Meghna warns her and says if you tell a word more then I will drag you to police station. Sawri says when your sister know that your husband Kunal is not Nirmala’s son then why didn’t she tell you. Meghna says Naina would have told me first.
She tells Sawri that they don’t hide anything from each other. She asks Naina to tell Sawri is lying. She asks her to tell once and says I will handle Sawri. Sawri asks Naina to tell. Naina says Sawri is saying truth. Meghna and Sharda are shocked. Meghna slaps Naina.


Swabhimaan 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna leaves Naina’s hand and leaves the house with Kunal. Everyone is shocked and shattered. They come to a house. Kunal says I can’t enter here, as if I enter then my home will be snatched from me.

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