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Swabhimaan 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking Kunal to go to office and take back everything whatever he gave to Karan. Kunal says I am Karan’s brother and whatever I gave is to my brother. Sandhya asks him not to become daanveer and get everything back. She asks him to think about himself. Kunal says for the first time, I am thinking about my family and tells that he is happy with his decision. He asks her not to worry about her future. Sandhya is upset. Meghna hears them and thinks why Sandhya is upset. Kunal thinks what happened to Sandhya suddenly. Meghna comes to Naina and asks if she is not irritated with the bell and says she wants to throw it far. She blames Nand Kishore indifferent behavior towards Karan. Naina says Papa is not the one who discourages karan, and says Sandhya is involved and don’t want Karan to be fine. She tells that she saw Nirmala crying and apologizing to Sandhya today. She tells that she saw jharoka in Sandhya’s room and saw her talking to it many times. Meghna says she saw Sandhya scolding Kunal for his decision to transfer shares on Karan’s name. She says we have to be careful and keep eye on her. We have to find out.

Sandhya talks to Jharoka and says you didn’t take my side today and tells that Karan will never be fine. Meghna comes and asks with whom she is talking to. She says she is happy that Kunal is supporting Karan and asks Sandhya to bless them so that black reflection goes away from Karan. Meghna keeps her hand on her head. She sees call on Nirmala’s phone. Sandhya says good night to her. Meghna thinks why is calling her from chittorgarh.

Karan tells Kunal that he is happy with music and can’t handle accounts. Kunal says your piggy bank was always full than my piggy bank. You knows everything, but never got chance to prove your capabilities. Nand Kishore comes and asks Karan if he read the files. Khyati says he read all files sitting on terrace. Nand Kishore says then you shall answer me easily and asks what you wants to say about the tax. Kunal says that’s unfair, today is first day. Nand Kishore says you had given good presentation on your first day. Karan says Papa…in the meeting. Nand Kishore says I understood and asks Sandhya to note and says we will be humiliated in the meeting. He tells Kunal that he became great by giving sacrifice , but we have to feel humiliation. He asks where is Babu ji and calls him. He rings the bell. Karan gets irritated with the bell noise. Naina asks him to look in her eyes and tell the mantras. Karan says Naina…Naina asks him to say louder. Karan says Naina and feels relaxed. Dada ji comes and asks why you are making noise early morning. Nand Kishore says I was ringing bell to tell that 1 more day have gone from 15 days and asks Naina to tell what she reached.

Nand kishore says if treatment is going on here or joke. Dada ji says when you learnt to ride cycle, you said that you can’t ride and took over a month to learn cycle. Nand Kishore says whenever you have nothing to say, you starts telling the past history. Kunal says sorry and says we shall not forget that it is difficult for Karan to agree.

Meghna tells that Karan have prepared for the office. Dada ji says Naina’s hardwork is paying off and says Karan haven’t asked you to come like you used to say, and laughs. Nand Kishore says he wants to see him fine soon. Dada ji says Karan and Nirmala will present a program in the haryali teej function after 12 days. Nand Kishore says even I will wait for this day as 15 days will be finished that day, and we will see if Naina will get Karan like Parvati ji got Shiv ji.


Swabhimaan 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pushpa calls Nirmala and asks if she is scared to hear her. Sandhya takes phone from her and asks Pushpa why did she call on landline number. Pushpa says if Nand Kishore picks the call then? Sandhya shouts. Pushpa threatens her to fulfill the condition.

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