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Swabhimaan 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Nand Kishore asking Nirmala to continue playing music. He says I heard you playing it for the first time. I was drowned by my ego that I couldn’t hear anything or see it. Today I want to tell something to you infront of everyone, and says since you came in my life, I always felt that you are not suitable for me, but the truth was that, I was not suitable for you. He regrets to kick her out of house, and says I was drowned by my ego and kept my loves ones far.

He says my loved ones and their love, their needs, I couldn’t see anything. He apologizes for hurting her and says I want to stay here with my love ones, will you all return and forgive me. He asks Kunal if he can forgive his father for once. Kunal gets emotional and nods yes. Sandhya is shocked. Nand kishore keeps hand on Veena. Nirmala holds his hand reluctantly. Nand Kishore holds her hand with his other hand. Nirmala cries. Nand Kishore also gets emotional. Naina and others get happy. Dada ji says today Devimaa listened to me, and my house Lakshmis’ have returned, today this house have become happy again. Nand Kishore asks Nirmala to play Veena. Nirmala plays it. Nand kishore hears the music.

Sandhya thinks everyone can get back together, but I can’t let you happy after snatching my son, now see how do I put eclipse to your happiness. She calls Shiva and says you wants Chauhan family to be ruined. She says I will help you in this. She says josh will be yours and hosh will be mine. She asks him to make Chauhan family lie on the pyre just as he has done with Nand Kishore. She says she will lit the pyre.

Nirmala asks Dada ji about the wood kept for pyre. He tells that after this house become womenless, Some guy named Shiva came and tells everything. Nirmala says we were never far from you, your wife, sons and bahu are with you. Nand kishore holds her hand and kisses on her forehead. Everyone smiles to see Nirmala getting her due respect and Nand Kishore having a change of heart. Nirmala tells Kunal and Karan to clean the place and move the pyre from there. Kunal says no, as this will be here as one more pyre will be here. Sandhya calls Shiva to Chauhan house and asks him to check the papers. Shiva comes there and calls Nand kishore says your bad time started. Kunal comes and says I am Kunal Singh Chauhan. Karan says what do you think that you will kill our papa and we will not do anything. Shiva says what nonsense, I haven’t killed anybody. Meghna asks then who is he? Shiva says I haven’t kill anybody, you are trying to trap me, I am not going to be trap.

Sandhya comes there and locks the door. Shiva says now I understood, you tried to trap me. He says it was your conspiracy to bring them on road and you wanted his signatures on the papers. Sandhya says everything is fine, except the papers. I have to do this to bring you out of your bill. She says my son asked me. A fb is shown, Sandhya offers help to Kunal and tells Shiva’s number. Kunal says how dare you to touch my dad. Kunal says Nand kishore have two sons and will not leave you. They put him on pyre. He says I haven’t killed him. Meghna says he is like our dad. Naina brings oil and says you would have thought before misbehaving with him.

Shiva asks them to stop and says he is ready to do anything for them. They ask him to apologize to Nand Kishore. Sandhya removes the cloth and shows pillows kept. Shiva gets up and apologizes to Nand Kishore. Nand Kishore looks on.


Swabhimaan 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sandhya apologizes to Nand Kishore and Karan, and tells that she did bad with the latter. She is about to leave the house when Kunal stops her calling her Maa. Sandhya gets happy.

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