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Swabhimaan 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina asking Karan to come inside office. Karan says we shall go back home. Naina says ok and says they will have tea in the canteen and will go. She says tomorrow you have to work fully. They hear two men taunting Karan for carrying umbrella. Naina asks him to ignore them.

Pushpa calls Nirmala and calls her Nimmo. Nirmala couldn’t identify her. Pushpa makes her realize her identity. Nirmala gets scared. Pushpa says I used to make you scared even in childhood. Nirmala says she was not expecting her call. Pushpa says now I will call you often and says she can come to Jaipur also. Nirmala says no. Sandhya comes and asks who is on call. Nirmala says Pushpa.

Karan asks how I will face them. Naina asks him to take a small steps and move forward and says I have closed all past ways. She asks him to leave the umbrella. Karan says I never walked without it, it is my support. Naina says what about me, and says we can face the sunrays together and asks him to leave umbrella. He looks at her. Sandhya asks Nirmala to give phone and asks Pushpa why did she call on landline. Pushpa says she called to talk to Nirmala. Sandhya asks what she wants to talk. Pushpa says when I couldn’t talk to you, then I have to call Nirmala. She says if Nand Kishore picks call then….She says if I tell him truth. Sandhya says you are crossing limits. Pushpa reminds her of her condition and says she haven’t crossed limits till now.

Suman cuts the ladies finger and injures her finger.. It was her imagination. She thinks marriage is a betrayal for her. Bade Papa comes and romances with Badi maa. They compliment each other. Kalavati calls Badi Maa and wishes her happy anniversary. She says just now Sanjana called me and asks when party is happening. She thinks invite me. Badi Maa says they have kept just pooja. Kalavati says you might be looking nice and says she can’t see her. Badi Maa invites her for the puja. Kalavati asks Veer to get ready and says we will go to Mittal Sadan and have food. Antara is busy with arrangements. Sindhoora thinks they are downmarket and their arrangements too. Kalavati comes and imagines herself as a queen of the house, and Chaman kaka serving her juice.

Karan throws umbrella and feels sunrays. Naina covers their heads under her dupatta. Oh Piya plays…..They walk inside the house. Sharda meets Vishal and gets the details about Karan’s illness. He asks if she has made up her mind that she wants to try ayurvedic medicine, and says he has just started this treatment. Sharda says you are worried for me and tells that she can’t leave him alone thinking the illness is contagious. Vishal says you are unique. Sharda says nothing will happen to me and tells that Acharya ji told that I can do this, and got leave from school too. She asks him to book her tickets.

Nirmala prays to God and asks to keep her secret hidden and not to play with her bahu’s suhaag. Sandhya thinks one of the bahu will be sacrificed.

Sharda comes to CM’s house and tells that she brought achaar for him. Watchman says we can’t go now. Sharda goes inside his house and keeps the achaar bottle. She sees him drinking wine and is surprised. He holds her hand and asks her to wait for sometime. Sharda takes her hand and walks out.

Nirmala tells about the festival. Nand Kishore brings newspaper and asks who got this news published. He asks Sandhya. Kunal says we have to make Karan’s day special when he is sitting on CEO post. Nand kishore tells Kunal that new CEO of Bharat Industries went to canteen, had tea with his nurse and left. This is how he spent his first day. Karan asks Nand Kishore to give him a week and says he will read all files and answer him and says Kunal assured to help him.


Swabhimaan 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dadi ji tells Nand Kishore that Sharda came to treat Karan. Nand Kishore says mother is a doctor and daughter is a nurse and says he gave just 15 days to Naina. Later Kunal asks media and the guest to welcome Karan grandly. Naina goes to Karan and asks why did he shout? She sees rashes on his body and is shocked.

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