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Swabhimaan 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naina lighting the diya infront of God and recalls Sandhya’s concern for him and also her other face. She thinks of Nirmala’s words and asks God’s help. She says you can show true way to Maasi Maa. Meghna comes and asks Naina to show the hand. Naina keeps the bottle and shows her hand. She says she is fine. Vishal comes and says it is fine now. Meghna asks how did this happen. Vishal asks her to show the bottle. Naina says I checked it myself and says it was my old oil bottle and I got confused. Vishal gets Karan’s call. He asks her to show her hand to Karan. Meghna looks on as Naina goes to talk to Karan. Naina drops the medicine bottle in the dustbin. Vishal thinks Meghna’s anger is same even after marriage.

Karan thinks why Vishal is not picking my call and thinks to meet him. Naina asks if he is going to meet Vishal. Karan says no and says he might have slept.. Naina shows her hand. Karan gets happy seeing her rashes gone and tries to see her feet. Naina shows his cupboard keys and drops it purposely so that he can bend to pick the keys and see her feet. Tu Pyaar Hai plays…Meghna thinks about Naina. Kunal asks her to share with him and asks what you are doing? He says I am thinking how to lower your pain. Meghna says she will sleep on floor. Kunal tells that he can understand her pain, but he didn’t lie to her. Meghna tells that you took your brother on above and Naina took me on above. She tells that she couldn’t get peace as the guilt is not letting her sleep, Naina is in this condition because of me. She says my husband haven’t told me anything about his brother’s illness. Kunal tells her how to prove that he was not aware of his brother’s illness and promises to support her. He hugs her.

Karan tells Naina that he thought how did this happen, but now have decided to stay far from her. He tells that he is sure that she will respect his decision and understand him. He says he is afraid that she might catch his infection and don’t want to lose his friend. Tu Pyaar Hai plays. Kunal says sorry and asks Meghna not to let misunderstanding come in between them. Meghna asks him to let her be alone for sometime. Kunal asks her to end the matter and understand him. She sleeps on bed, while Kunal sits there. Meghna gets dream that Naina locked herself in room due to allergy and goes back to room again. Meghna gets shocked and knocks on Naina’s door asking her to come. Naina and Karan wake up.

Meghna asks her to show her hands and feet. She asks her not to hide from her. Naina says she is fine, and promises not to hide anything from her again. She apologizes and says I will not do this again. She says she is not afraid of anything ass she is with her and hugs her. Karan thinks I am sorry Bhabhi, I understand your fear, even I am worried, I am the only reason for the fear. Naina asks her to stop crying and sleep now. Kunal comes and says very good Naina. He tells that I am trying to make Meghna understand, but. He keeps his hand on her shoulder, but she brushes it off. Meghna says I will talk to you in the morning. Kunal says good night to them. Naina thinks Meghna is angry with Kunal because of her and thinks to talk to her in the morning.

Kunal tells Meghna that he tried to convince her for coffee day in college, but she refused. Later we got engaged, and then you started trusting me and reminds her of mehendi day. He says I realized your love when I was in lock up, and tells that when she showed his mum’s certificate, her respect is grown bigger in his heart. He tells that he will wait and don’t get tired of wait. Karan asks Naina to sleep and thinks about Meghna’s words.

Swabhimaan 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A fb scene is shown where Nand Kishore scolds Nirmala badly asking not to play sitar again. Dada tells Meghna and Naina that he wants to hear Nirmala singing. Meghna says that’s why they have call bhajan mandli, and says Maa will sing now.

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