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Swabhimaan 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Nirmala coming to Dada ji to tell truth to him. She falls down on his feet and tells him that she has hidden a truth from him since 25 years and apologizes for betraying his trust. Dada ji asks her to tell clearly. Nirmala says she didn’t want to go for her delivery to Chittorgarh, but she went there and returned with a baby boy whom you have named Kunal and tells that Kunal is not her son, but of Sandhya’s son. She cries. Dada ji gets shocked and falls down. Nirmala realizes it was her imagination and thinks she can’t risk Dada ji’s life by telling this truth. Dada ji asks her to tell. She says nothing and asks him to come. Meghna asks Kunal what he was saying. Kunal says he will check if Mom had food and says he will not have if she don’t have food.

Karan asks him to sit and says if Bhabhi said that she will make her have it then think that she will make her eat. Naina hears them and thinks she will keep it as a secret and can’t tell anyone. She thinks Nirmala and Kunal have a beautiful relation and she will keep this secret in her heart till her last breath and will not tell Meghna also.

Sharda comes there. Dada ji greets him. Meghna says she is excited as she is making arrangements for both sides and is happy for Karan and Naina’s wedding. Nand Kishore says question is that who will go to Bundi for get himself insulted and says I will not go. Meghna says we have to go and Naina will get marry from there. Nand kishore says Dada ji will attend the wedding then. Dada ji apologizes to Sharda and says Nand Kishore said right, this time marriage will not happen in Bundi. Vishal tells Karan that he is happy to see him fine. Karan gives him credit for his recovery. Vishal says he got fine because of Sharda’s care. He gets Khyati’s message.

Khyati comes there and smiles. Dada ji tells that marriage will not happen there, as he don’t want to burden them and that’s why they will do all marriage functions here in Jaipur. Sharda smiles. Sawri thinks she will only marry Karan. Naina tells Karan that she wants to go to Bundi and spend some time with them. Karan gets sad. Naina says she is not going as Bundi family will come here. Karan gets happy and says I love you. And says Dada ji. He asks her to meet everyone when he takes her after marriage. Naina is about to go. He calls her name and kisses on her mirror image on mirror. Naina smiles. Oh Piya plays….

Naina asks him to return all the things back to Kunal whatever he gave him. Karan thanks her for showing him right way and says he will do that firstly in the morning. Sawri hears them and gets angry. She knocks on the door and says what is the use of luxury house, and tells that there is many mosquito here. Naina says she will give her spray. Sawri suggests her to go to bundi and says it doesn’t look nice if you stay here. Naina looks on. She gives spray to her. Sawri locks Naina and thinks she will not let her reach Karan. Naina knocks on the door. Meghna comes there and opens the door. She asks if anyone comes here. Naina says Sawri came here to get mosquito spray. Meghna tells that Sawri must have locked her intentionally and says she is mad. She thinks she has to keep eye on her.


Swabhimaan 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nirmala asks Naina to do the rituals. Pushpa might switch off lights as Sawri sits to do rasam before Naina could do. Meghna holds her hand and stops her.

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