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Swabhimaan 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Nand Kishore telling Sandhya to call CM. CM’s assistant talks to him. Nand Kishore asks why did you cancelled the permission for Bundi land. CM’s assistant tells that they have heard about him and that’s why forced to take this decision. Nand Kishore insists to talk to CM, but assistant says he is busy. Sandhya tells Nand Kishore that Kunal is disappointed and had many hopes with Bundi project. Nand Kishore says whoever have ruined this, have to make it fine. Naina thinks to clean the store room. Karan gets angry on her. Naina says I thought to clean it for you so that you don’t have any problem here. Karan asks her not to worry about him and says this is not your problem. Naina asks him not to sleep in storeroom else she will take keys from Nirmala and make sure that he don’t sleep here. Karan asks her to try and says I have duplicate keys with me, and until you are in the house, I won’t come to that room. Naina is shocked.

Nirmala comes and asks if he has not accepted this marriage. She asks what is going on in your heart, tell me and says Naina didn’t do any mistake. Karan says you know well, then why do you ask me again and again. Naina hears him. Karan says everyone know my real problem, but pretends as if there is nothing. Naina thinks what is his problem and thinks to befriend him and bring him in room. Nirmala asks servant to clean storeroom and take out the empty boxes. He says they have cleaned recently. Naina hears them.

Nand Kishore calls Sandhya and tells that your well wishers told something to press reporters and that got printed. He says CM cancelled his land for their project and says this land is very necessary for us and your daughters. He says if we are in trouble, then your daughters will be in trouble too. Sharda says we haven’t done anything. Nand Kishore asks her to meet CM and tell that it was all your fault and I (Nand Kishore) haven’t done anything wrong. Sharda says I don’t have any contacts with CM and tells that she is just an ordinary maths teacher in school. Nand Kishore tells her that CM is in Bundi and asks her to meet him, just like she met him. Sharda agrees to meet him. Sandhya thinks now there will be a lesson for daughters as well. Jain sends Magazines for meghna. Meghna gets angry.

Sandhya calls Meghna and asks if I am disturbing him, asks do you have 2 mins with me. She says it is first day at your office, don’t do all work in one day. Meghna asks if you have any work with me. Sandhya says I called to ask you about your first day, and says even we have high hopes with you. She ends the call. Meghna thinks there is no work for me here, and wonders why they are not giving her work. Naina thinks to hide masala boxes so that they will open store room and see Karan. Khyati comes and asks what she is doing in kitchen. Naina says she came to drink water. She drinks water. Khyati takes something from fridge and goes.

Sharda tells her family that Nand Kishore asks her to meet CM. Gopal says he gives shock to us often. Asha says this is the effect of having relation with big family. Sharda says I will meet him and will enquire where is he staying. Vishnu says ordinary people can’t meet him. Asha asks him to focus on work and not to take leave. Sharda says I will go and meet him. Gopal says you will not go alone. Vishal says no, you will not go alone. Sharda asks what happened? Vishnu says I will come with you. Asha gets upset hearing this.

Kunal comes home and asks Meghna about her first day. He asks if she like his surprise. Meghna looks at the decorations and says it is okay. Kunal asks her not to get upset and asks if she has impressed everyone. Meghna says all day I was waiting for my team, but nobody came and there was no work to do. She says filmy magazine was sent to me so that I don’t get bored. She says if I was not having any work then why I was hired. I will leave this job. Kunal asks her not to stress herself. Meghna says she is not overreacting. Kunal asks if both of you wants to work. He says even Naina wants to work, I asked her to go for shopping. Servant comes and informs Nirmala that he couldn’t find masala box. Sandhya scolds servant. Naina thinks she has to hide it.

Nirmala says we will get another box from storeroom. Naina thinks Karan must be in the storeroom and thinks this is the only chance to bring him back to room. Naina asks Nirmala why they are going at this time etc. Nirmala says we will take masalas. Karan hears her voice and hides. Naina tells that she is thinking to get storeroom cleaned. Nirmala asks servants to clean the storeroom properly. Naina thinks Karan can’t stay here for tonight. She finds earrings and thinks Karan sleeps on this place and wonders whose earrings is this?

She is going. Karan holds her using umbrella and makes her stand against the wall. He says what I said…asked you to go away from my life. He says I am understanding your childish act. He says you thought that I will stay with you, but I will never return to room. She stops him and stands on his way. Later he goes to room. Naina says I wants you to sleep peacefully. Karan says I haven’t come for you, but to take keys……..

Meghna comes to kitchen to make coffee. Sandhya comes and asks her to come. Meghna says I make my own coffee. Sandhya says you don’t need to work in kitchen and asks her to go for work. Naina comes. Sandhya asks them to have breakfast and get accustomed to behave according to Chauhans. She thinks your life is changing and you don’t know. You can’t walk even a step without your wish. Nand Kishore comes. Naina and Meghna wish him good morning. Nand kishore asks her to control them. Sandhya says they will be my puppets now and I will control them.


Swabhimaan 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Meghna thinks to find out what is going on. Naina sees Karan talking to a girl on phone and insists to meet her. Karan says you will go after meeting her. Naina agrees to leave him.

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