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Swabhimaan 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kunal and Meghna touching the floor and leaving. Karan tells that even Naina did a mistake to hide the truth. Naina thinks she hid the truth and everyone broke up. Nirmala is about to fall down. Khyati shouts Maa. Sharda tells Dada ji that Kunal and Meghna will return soon. Meghna talks to her office boss and asks for company’s accommodation. Kunal asks driver to stop the car and says he wants to sit on temple stairs for sometime. Meghna says ok. She calls and says she wants keys today itself. Naina cries. Sharda gives her strength and asks her to take care of her house. Sawri thinks their relation is broken. Sharda tells her that their daughter will never separate, they will handle all relations and asks Sawri to come with her.

Sandhya comes to Kunal. Kunal sees her and stands up. Sandhya says how dare bhai saab to talk to you like that and asks him to take the money from her. Kunal refuses to take the money. Meghna comes, picks money and returns to Sandhya.

Nand kishore asks Servant to remove Kunal and Meghna’s stuff and bring Karan and Naina’s stuff. He says Karan will study here. Naina tells him that they can’t shift here. Nand Kishore says he wants to do something for his son and asks if she wants to disrespect his decision. Sandhya asks Meghna not to interfere between them. Meghna says Kunal is asked to leave the house because of the past and tells that she can meet him as Maasi Maa, and not as a mum. She says you are welcomed, but not your money. Sandhya asks where she will take Kunal? Meghna asks Kunal to come and says we have to go to our new house. She tells Sandhya that her mum made her capable enough to take care of her family. She says marriage is a wheels of 2, Kunal will handle me sometimes, and I will handle him sometimes, we don’t need 3rd wheel else balance will stumble.

Karan asks Naina who has taken Kunal’s pic off from wall. Naina asks him to understand why she hidden the truth. Karan makes one thing clear that they can’t take Kunal and Meghna’s place and can’t stay in their room. Nand Kishore hears him. Kunal recalls Nand Kishore’s words for him that he is not his son. He tells Meghna that he can’t enter the house, as that was his house and not this house. He says if I get inside this house, then that house will be taken away from me. He says my mum is not here. Meghna asks him to see from other perspective and says people change their cities for job, career. She says our new relation will start in this house. She says we have to decorate this house, and start new relation together. She forwards his hand. He holds her hand and gets inside. Oh piya song plays…..Meghna asks him not to cry else she will take care of him much. She wipes his truth and says they will build the house with love, trust and devotion. She says we will keep temple in the house. Kunal says God is not here. Meghna asks him to close eyes and then open eyes. He opens his eyes and sees Nirmala’s pic. Meghna says you believes in this God. Kunal nods. Meghna says they will start life with this God’s blessings.


Swabhimaan 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Nand Kishore tells Naina that Nirmala was sending food to Kunal and asks her to restrict Nirmala. Naina hesitantly tells that no house food will be sent to others. Nand Kishore asks her to stop her drama.

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