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Swabhimaan 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Vishnu and Asha coming back to mandap. Vishnu tells Sharda that Nisha brought them back to mandap, and says I will never leave you on the way although we have fight or arguments. Sharda asks him to forget everything and bless Meghna and nothing else. Vishnu says Sharda…I regard her as my daughter. Sharda asks him to come inside. Pandit ji is reciting mantras. Kalpana tells Asha that Sharda gave them right and then snatched it back, and says it would have been better if she had not given them right to do kanyadaan. Asha is upset. Kalpana says I knew that you people will not get happiness of doing kanyadaan. She says you are very innocent and thinks everyone is same, but Sharda and her daughters are very talk about respect and right. She says it was your right to do kanyadaan

but….you got nothing, but insult. I felt really bad for you. Asha gets up and is about to go. Sharda calls her and says rounds are about to happen. Asha asks her to sit, and says till then I will check work at home. Sharda says what work, it is a matter of few mins here. Asha asks her to stay there for Meghna’s marriage and says someone should be there at home for making bidaai arrangements, or is it that you have promised someone for that.

Khyati asks Karan to enjoy Kunal’s marriage. Karan asks her to go and enjoy. Khyati says I will enjoy with my favorite bhai. Karan asks him not to say this. Vaibhav brings chocolate and give to Karan. Karan eats it and have stone in it. He spits it. Khyati scolds Vaibhav. Vaibhav tells that he took revenge for Naina’s insult. Khyati says she will complain to Nand Kishore, but Karan asks her not to tell him anything. Sandhya asks Nand Kishore to stop drinking and think about Kunal. Nand Kishore says they would have let Solanki do kanyadaan, now he will make us wait for the permission of land. Sandhya asks him to forget it. Nand Kishore tells that we came here to get him married here, it was all Babuji’s plan. Sandhya says strike is over in Guwahati, and tells Nirmala called and told that Dada ji is coming here. Nand Kishore gets tensed. Vishal comes there and asks him to try starters. He throws the plate angrily. Vishal is shocked. Nand Kishore scolds him and asks if he will make them garbage and municipal water. He says I want just mineral water. Vishal is shocked and goes. Khyati comes and asks Nand Kishore to come as Pandit ji is waiting.

Pandit ji asks Kunal and Meghna to stand for pheras. He asks them to give wedding vows to each other. Kunal and Meghna are taking rounds and recall taking rounds a day before. Everyone shower flower petals on them. A fb is shown. Few guest gossip about Nand Kishore and tells that nobody shall have a son like him, who is drowning his father’s Sujan Singh respect. Nand Kishore hears them and goes from there angrily. Sandhya follows him. Nand Kishore feels insulted. Vishal again comes to Nand Kishore and asks him to try something else. Nand Kishore says your Bundi people talk so much, and asks him to serve him. Vishal asks waiter to serve him. He serves him in plate, but some chutney falls on him making him angry. Vishal says I am so sorry…I will clean it with tissue. Nand Kishore gets up and slaps him hard. Asha gets angry. Vishal takes Asha from there. Asha says this man slapped my son, on whom I have never raised hand on him. Guest tell that they are bad people and you have done mistake by having relation with them. Asha says these people are cheap and we have done a big mistake. It is a sin to give daughter to Chauhan’s family. Nand Kishore is shocked. Pandit ji asks Kunal and Meghna to sit and says rounds are complete. Nand Kishore says if you think that it is a sin then keep your daughter with yours, we don’t want your daughter. Pandit ji asks Kunal to make Meghna have mangalsutra. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Everyone claps. Someone comes and whispers something in Sharda’s ears. Sharda gets tensed and goes. Kalpana follows her.

Nand Kishore tells that they will not have relation with them. Pandit ji asks Kunal to fill Meghna’s maang with sindoor. Kunal fills her maang. Nand Kishore announces that this doli will go empty today from this marriage. Sharda is shocked and sees Kunal filling Meghna’s maang. She is shocked as the marriage is complete. Vishal apologizes to Nand Kishore and says misunderstandings happen during marriage and says we respect your family a lot. Nand Kishore asks him not to take his family’s name and says your heart talk is out now. I am not your uncle, but Nand Kishore. He says you all have crossed your limits, now I will fulfill everyone wishes. He asks Sandhya to make Kunal get up from mandap and asks baraatis to come out, says he will take this doli alone. Sharda is shocked and runs outside. Sandhya also goes inside. Sharda tries speaking with Sandhya. She goes to Nand Kishore and apologizes to him on Asha’s behalf. Sandhya calls her shameless and says your family spoils the things and you comes running to apologize. She says I am doubtful what Sujan Singh saw in you. She says you have no Swabhimaan in you. She says today we got insulted. Sharda folds her hands and apologizes. Nand Kishore says when we met for first time, you have stopped my way, and today also you have stopped me and asking something. He says you knows to ask, but don’t know to give. He says you haven’t kept our respect infront of guests, we had sent expensive lehenga for your daughter, but she had work simple lehenga, and your arrangements on sangeet was bad. He says since then you are apologizing. Vishnu says you are saying too much. My sister will not apologize to you. Sharda asks him to keep quiet.

Nand Kishore tells them that Asha said that it is a sin to get their daughter marry in Chauhan’s family. Asha says I said, but when he slapped Vishal tightly. Sandhya says when we do, it is a sin and when you do, it is a justice. Nand Kishore asks them not to do sin and says we don’t want your daughter. Karan, Khyati and others looks on. Pandit ji declares that marriage is complete. Meghna looks for Sharda and is about to go. Naina stops her. Kunal says may be she went to do after marriage rituals. Sharda tells Nand Kishore that marriage is completed now, and Meghna is your daughter in law now. She says it is a matter of my daughter’s life. Sandhya says it is matter of our respect now. Nand Kishore says your family have ruined our name and respect. Vishnu says why I will make fun of you, Asha ji said right. Sharda asks him to keep quiet. Vishnu says you will not bend down infront of them.

Vishnu says they might think that our daughter will be homeless now. He says she will stay with us. Sharda says she is married now. Vishnu says no, let her stay with us. Nand Kishore says well done, and asks Sharda, if she can see how her family is insulting him. Vishnu says nobody will give you any girl in your house. Sharda says please bhaiyya. Nand Kishore says now I will fulfill everyone’s wish and asks Sandhya to ask Kunal to get up from mandap, and says he will take doli alone. Sharda apologizes to Nand Kishore. Sandhya says you can’t see our insult. Sharda asks her to understand a mother and woman’s pain and asks them not to punish her daughter. Meghna gets up from mandap. Pandit ji says you can’t leave mandap. You have to take everyone’s blessings. Kunal says we will come in sometime. Meghna walks looking for Sharda, and their ghat bandhan opens up. Kunal holds it. Sharda begs infront of him and opens her aanchal. She says I am asking my daughter’s life, if you leave her, then my daughter’s life will become drama. Nand Kishore says these people said that we are doing drama, and now I can say that you people know how to do drama. He says you wants to emotionally blackmail us. Sandhya says we can show pity, but can’t do anything. Sharda asks her not to tell that.

Nand Kishore asks Sandhya to come. Sharda sits down on his feet requesting him, forwarding her saree pallu with her head down. Meghna and Naina see Sharda bent down on Nand Kishore’s feet and are shocked. Sharda says I can’t see my daughter’s life ruined. Kunal is also shocked. Sharda’s tears fall on her saree pallu. Meghna is most affected and shocked. She faints. Kunal holds her. Naina runs outside and asks Sharda to get up. Sharda gets up and tells Nisha that she can’t understand what is happening as they refused to take Meghna with them. She says whatever you tell…I accept. Nand Kishore says okay. Somebody said just now that it is a sin to give a daughter in our family and says now doli will not go alone, we have a sin. Sharda says I accept. Nand Kishore asks her to listen and tells that you people said that I am kalang on Sujal Singh and says Vishnu said that nobody will give us one daughter. He says now I will not go with one, but two daughters. Karan thinks what he is doing? Sharda says it is not possible. Nand Kishore says we will take Meghna if Naina marries my younger son Karan and that too today and now itself in this mandap only. Naina is also shocked. Sharda says it is not possible. Karan is angry. Nand Kishore says you should be happy that you have won lottery and will send your daughters in Chauhan’s family, you haven’t thought about this even in your dreams. Vishnu tries to speak, Nand Kishore says enough, you have helped your sister well. He says I have taken my decision, two dolis will go else only one and that too empty. He gives them 15 mins and asks them to tell their decision.

Kunal tries to make Meghna conscious and sprinkle water on her. Sharda and Naina are shocked. Sharda cries. Naina asks her not to cry, else Meghna will get upset. Sharda says she doesn’t want to marry, but agreed for me. She did her life’s biggest mistake by agreeing to me. Kalpana says if this marriage breaks then….Gopal says they are shameless people. Kalpana says you will not become Nand Kishore’s PA. Gopal says you are also shameless. Kalpana says what is wrong if they accept Naina and Karan’s proposal. She says both daughters will stay together. Gopal asks Sharda to accept Nand Kishore’s condition and tells that if Meghna’s doli goes empty then her life will be ruined. Vishnu disagrees with him. Vishal says if Meghna’s doli goes empty then her life will be ruined, and lots of time will be wasted in court case. Sharda says she can’t force decision on Naina and will give her same right which she has given to Meghna. Nand kishore tells Sandhya that they have just 12 mins left. Karan tells Khyati that Nand Kishore is not doing right with Sharda. Khyati asks him to go and talk to Nand Kishore. She says Naina don’t deserve to be his wife and is not suitable for him. Nand Kishore says time is up. Meghna is still unconscious. Sharda is in dilemma.

Swabhimaan 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :

Nand Kishore asks Karan to marry Naina. Meghna asks Kalpana about the other bride. Kalpana says Naina agreed for this marriage. Meghna goes to room and sees Naina dressed up as bride. She is shocked.

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