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Swabhimaan 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 30th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Swabhimaan 30th March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Karan asking Naina to understand who is Maasi maa. Naina asks him to tell who is she? Karan tells that Maasi maa is everything to them and tells that she saved him from his dad’s scolding. He tells that she used to make Kunal study forcibly, but never forced him to study and asks him not to study if he don’t want to. A fb is shown. Karan says if I am interested in music is because of her. He says she has encouraged me and gave me this mouth organ. Naina thinks why did she forced Kunal to study, and kept Karan away from studies. She thinks Karan thinks that she saved him, but she made him far from everyone.

Meghna comes to Tau ji Solanki’s house. His wife looks on. Naina comes and tries to touch Nirmala’s feet, but she ignores her. Naina tries to talk to her and asks her to have medicine for her head ache. She tells her that she made Karan’s breakfast and apologizes. She says Karan can’t take some medicines in empty stomach. She asks her to feed Karan food and medicines. Nirmala says you take care of karan, his food and medicines. She says I am happy that his wife is here to take care of him. Sandhya hears her and thinks Karan will not have this breakfast. She will keep Karan in her control just like she used to control him since years. Tayi ji asks Meghna to call Sharda as she kept the land papers mortgaged with them. She says we can’t trust you and your intentions, and says even brothers can change their intentions seeing money. Meghna comes inside her house and says you said right. She says I didn’t come here to get the papers without money and says she will pay the money. Tai ji gets tensed seeing the guests and takes Meghna inside. Meghna says I know that you will take papers and give the papers. She shows her cheque and says amount is with interest. Tai ji gets greedy seeing the money.

Naina comes to room when Karan is exercising. She hides her face. Karan wears his shirt and tells her that he is not suitable for her. He tells her that they can’t have any relation, and that he can’t touch her or can give her husband love, he asks her to understand. Naina tells him that she was a topper in her college, but wants to be good in every relation. She says this illness is not your identity. She says I am getting to know you. Karan says you are really nice and I don’t you to ruin your life for me. Naina says when we came here, our relation got connected when Dada ji called us grah Lakshmi. She tells that there is a reason for anyone coming in our life. She says this relation might be nothing for you, but this is everything for you. She says you don’t have any problem rather than this illness.

She says there is nothing with which we can’t fight. She says you didn’t tell mamma about our marriage truth. Karan says but we can’t stay under the same roof without any relation. Naina says we can have one relation and that is of friendship. She forwards her hand for hand shake while covering her hand with her dupatta. Karan doesn’t accept her friendship and goes.

Dada ji asks Kunal where is badi bahu? Kunal says Meghna left early today. Nirmala comes. Karan comes and touches their feet from far. Nirmala says I was about to send your breakfast to your room. Karan says I will eat it here. Nirmala is happy. Kunal says this change is good. Tai ji gives land papers to Meghna. Meghna recalls promising them that she will return their money with interest. She thanks them. She asks the guest sitting there that the people living in the house don’t respect women and asks why do they need charity from them. She gives them money and takes back the cheque which Tai ji gave them. Tai ji is angry. Swabhimaan song plays….


Swabhimaan 31st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Meghna comes to Sharda and shows her land papers. Sharda asks from where did she get the money? Meghna says she got loan from her company. Sharda angrily refuses to return the land papers and the loan and says it is wrong. She says she wouldn’t have taken this from her if she was her son too. Later Vishal tells Naina about Karan’s illness. Naina says she has understood what to do.

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