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Swabhimaan 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Swabhimaan 31st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Nirmala crying hugging Kunal’s pic. Sandhya comes to Nirmala and asks why she didn’t stop Kunal from going. She tells that Nand Kishore is ignoring her and behaving as if she don’t exist. She says he stopped her from going to office. She says own son is always own son and Kunal is like her step son. Nirmala is shocked and cries saying this is not truth.

Meghna and Kunal start their life afresh in their new home. She says she will make aloo meethi for him. Naina tells Dada ji that today is her first rasoi and asks shall I make aloo meeti, as Kunal jiju likes it. Nand Kishore says Kunal’s favorite food will not be made in this house anymore. Karan comes. Nand Kishore says he has planned honeymoon for them and gives papers. Karan tears the papers.

He says he will not eat anything other than aloo meethi. Meghna tells Kunal that she made aloo meethi so that he can do his interview better. She asks him to smile to give best impression on the candidate and asks him to read the questions well. He says even mum used to be awake with me all night, though she can’t help me in studies. He says when I used to write exams, she used to sit outside his exam centre. He used to ask her to go, so that his friend don’t tease him. He wishes to see Nirmala. Meghna kisses on his forehead.

Dada ji tells Nand Kishore that he understood Karan’s importance after Kunal left, and says you would have valued him infront of Kunal. He asks Naina to make Aloo methi.

Asha gets angry at Sharda for bringing Sawri home. Vishnu says she can stay here, but can’t have food with them. Kunal goes to give interview. He gets the job. Meghna gets Karan’s call and tells that Kunal went for interview. Kunal comes back and tells Meghna that he got the job. Meghna says you got job in one interview. Boss comes out and says you will not get job. Kunal is shocked.

Asha tells Sharda that they don’t want to suffer because of her social service. She asks her to open Ashram. Sharda looks on. Asha says now we have to feed this kali kaluti girl. Sawri gets angry and calls her moti and choti and asks them to make tea. Sharda asks her to apologize else she will not get tea and also food. Sawri pushes Kalpana. Asha says she will not stay here. Sharda apologizes on her behalf. Kunal asks what happened suddenly. Boss throws newspaper on him and says Chauhans got this news printed, and broken ties with you. He says these certificates is just waste papers and asks him not to show to anyone. Karan hears on phone and gets shocked, thinks how could you do this Papa.


Swabhimaan 1st September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dada ji asks Sandhya to give house keys to Naina. Sandhya shockingly gives keys to Naina. Naina accepts it. Karan thinks how to take up responsibility which is of Meghna.

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